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One of the most common errors made in hospitals and clinics are errors involving prescription drugs and other medications. Given the way that medications interact with patients, these errors can result in serious complications and injuries. Many prescription and medication errors are preventable and only happen because of negligence or carelessness of a doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

At the law firm of Holman Schiavone, LLC, in Kansas City, our attorneys have significant experience handling medical malpractice cases in Missouri that involve medication errors. There can be very serious consequences and adverse reactions that can result from medication errors. It is important to hold accountable the medical professionals who are responsible for such poor treatment.

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Kansas City Prescription Error Attorneys

Our lawyers will handle medical malpractice cases that involve medication errors, including:

  • Prescription errors
  • Adverse reactions and side effects
  • Automated dispensing system errors
  • Labeling errors
  • Drug interactions
  • Dispensing errors
  • Dosage errors

A doctor writes a prescription poorly or writes the wrong prescription. The nurse misreads the prescription and administers the wrong drug. The pharmacist fails to check for the possible side effects from the interaction of two different drugs. However a prescription error happens, those who are harmed as a result deserve to get maximum compensation.

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