Strong Representation For Victims Of Hernia Mesh Injuries

Hernia mesh is a surgical implant product that is used to strengthen damaged tissue in repairing a hernia. The original medical device was developed in an effort to reduce the high rate of recurrence of hernia, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Each year, surgeons use hernia mesh implants in roughly 500,000 surgical procedures across the United States. Unfortunately, far too often, patients suffer serious side effects from the device. Moreover, use of the device does not always protect against hernia recurrence.

Often the synthetic material used to manufacture the mesh or compounds used to coat the product can cause allergic reactions in some patients. The materials may migrate through the body, leading to obstructions in the large intestine, the small intestine or the bowel. The material can fail outright, leading to the need for corrective surgery and additional pain. Many patients who have relied on the mesh to correct the medical problem suffer significant additional pain, complications and the need for additional surgeries to repair the damage from the defective medical device.

Holding Negligent Medical Device Manufacturers Accountable

At the law firm of Holman Schiavone, LLC, our hernia mesh litigation lawyers work hard to hold manufacturers liable for the damage their dangerous medical products cause. We have a strong record of getting successful results due to our tireless work, thorough trial preparation and dedication to helping injured victims get the compensation that they deserve.

Some of the most common problems and harms that hernia mesh implants create include:

  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Obstructions in the digestive tract and bowels
  • Infections
  • Intense abdominal pain
  • Perforations of internal organs or other tissue
  • Formation of scarring that binds tissues together (adhesion)
  • Mesh shrinkage or migration requiring additional medical procedures to correct

We do the hard work to build a solid case aimed at maximizing compensation for our clients. In addition to providing compensation for your injuries, lost income, and pain and suffering, we fight to get unsafe products off the market and protect other consumers. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients with a strong voice in court to hold defective medical device manufacturers accountable for the harm their products create.

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