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March 2012 Archives

Kansas employers required to post employee rights

Employee rights are designed to provide employees with certain rights and responsibilities in association with their employment. Employee rights are only useful if the rights are exercised by the employee and the employer. This becomes an issue when many employees are unaware of their employee rights or do not know how to find out information about their rights. This issue was recently addressed and impacts Kansas employees and their employers.

Missouri one of 13 states to join fight against misclassification

Although most people think of themselves as the employee and the company they work for as their employer, job classification is not so simple. An employee may work at the location of one business but be paid by another. The employee may work under a salary or be paid by the hour. An employee may contract through one company or do so independently.

Employment based sexual harassment verdict could impact Missouri

Sexual harassment at the workplace is an illegal act in Missouri. Employers can be held responsible for sexual harassment or related consequences that happen when the employee is at work. An employer was recently held responsible for the sexual harassment an employee endured in 2009.

Wrongful termination for religious beliefs can occur in Missouri

Missouri is an employment at will state. The employment at will doctrine allows employers and employees to terminate the employment relationship at any time and for any reason that does not violate a related law. An example of a related law that effects the employment at will doctrine is a law that provides protection based on personal characteristics.

Missouri Senate passes new workplace discrimination legislation

Missouri lawmakers have proposed a new law that would drastically alter the state laws regarding workplace discrimination lawsuits. The proposed legislation will change the current state laws and critics claim it would undo years of workplace discrimination precedent.

Creator testifies killed-off Edie Britt was 'desperate' for lovers

It is the eighth and final season for the popular television show "Desperate Housewives" watched by fans all across the nation, including Kansas and Missouri. For many of the show's actors and actresses they are looking back on eight great years full of memories as they count down to the final episode.

2013 budget request includes millions for OSHA whistleblower fund

For workers in Kansas, Missouri and across the nation, employee rights are extremely important. One of these rights protects an employee who wants to report illegal or unfair treatment against the employee or co-workers. Like a referee in a sporting event, the employee is "blowing the whistle" on illegal behaviors.

Lawsuit filed in Kansas City after county employee sexually harassed

The lawsuit was filed on Feb. 7, 2012 in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kansas. A female employee who once worked for the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office filed the lawsuit against her former employer, Shawnee County. In the suit, she claims that during her employment she suffered both sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Employee rights the focus of several Missouri bills

Missouri lawmakers continue to keep employee rights as the topic of the day as opinions differ in the push to make Missouri a "right to work" state. Right to work laws are allowed under the federal 1947 Taft-Hartley Act. Right to work laws regulate or prohibit agreements made between employers and labor unions that would condition employment on worker participation in the union or require union dues or fees.