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May 2012 Archives

Employee suffers retaliation for questioning racial actions

We see many commercials about kindness. We teach our children about standing up for their classmates. So much of our focus these days is about reaching out to those in need and celebrating good deeds. So why can't we seem to do the same in the workplace?

Are employer social media policies going too far?

Yet another employee has suffered termination because of social media use. Last year alone, 42 percent of employers reported taking disciplinary action against employees for social media use. That number nearly doubled from only two years prior, in 2009. Around four out of 10 businesses reported that they view social media use as an issue and have created social media policies that regulate use by employees both in and out of the office.

Jury awards $485,000 to Guard member after workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination comes in a number of different forms, including harassment and discrimination against members of the United States Military. Service members cannot choose when they will be deployed or for how long they will be gone, and employers must work around this type of commitment.

What is the line between teaching and advocating?

For teachers, their students are almost like their own children. Teachers work hard to help prepare students for more than just being able to recite the important dates of the civil war or know that e=mc2. Teachers want to help their students learn how to use their critical thinking skills, to ask questions and to stand up for what they believe in.

Employer penalized with $260,000 settlement for unequal pay

Sexual harassment and workplace discrimination often go hand in hand. Employees who endure sexual harassment are often the same employees that are discriminated against by their employer. The term sexual harassment encompasses a variety of actions, all of which include an employee enduring unwelcomed based on his or her gender.

For many employees the "break" is missing from their meal break

The human mind and body is not designed to work for a straight eight hours or more without a rest, and yet millions of people across the United States are finding themselves unable to take the meal break regulated by many federal and state laws, including in Kentucky. Even though the body will wear itself down without proper breaks, workers are feeling forced to stay at their desks to eat or to skip lunch altogether. If you need numbers, one survey found that 65 percent of the workforce eats at their desks or does not take a break at all. Around 33 percent said that they still take a break.

EEOC provides protection from sexual harassment

A large produce company -- a Midwest egg farm -- has given up control of the farm due to health issues and accusations of scandal. First there was a salmonella outbreak and then employees allegedly suffered sexual harassment at the hands of management. Employee sexual harassment can occur in many types of situations. Employers are governed under state and federal laws regarding sexual harassment and each provide the employee with particular protections.

Spring Safety Tips to Avoid Missouri Motorcycle Accidents

One sign of spring is the number of motorcycles increases on local roads. Many people wait in anticipation for the first warm days to get their bike on the road after the chilly winter months. With more motorcycles on the road, the danger of Kansas City motorcycle accidents increase especially as other motorists may not yet expect to see bikes.

Wal-Mart's failure to pay overtime totals over $4 million

Wal-Mart stores have become a staple for personal shopping. Over the years Wal-Mart stores have expanded throughout the United States and grown to become a large retailer that even includes groceries. To expand and grow into the large business Wal-Mart has become, the company also had to employ more people. All of the employees are entitled to the compensation provided for under federal wage and hour laws, and employees in Missouri and Kansas are also entitled to their respective state laws regarding wage and hour regulations.