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Month: May 2012

We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

Are employer social media policies going too far?

Yet another employee has suffered termination because of social media use. Last year alone, 42 percent of employers reported taking disciplinary action against employees for social media use. That number nearly doubled from only two years prior, in 2009. Around

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What is the line between teaching and advocating?

For teachers, their students are almost like their own children. Teachers work hard to help prepare students for more than just being able to recite the important dates of the civil war or know that e=mc2. Teachers want to help

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Could dreadlocks lead to a discriminatory wage violation?

Discrimination happens in many different ways. Recently, a Missouri employee had his paycheck withheld because he says he was discriminated against for his hairstyle. The Missouri employee who incurred the discrimination and possible wage violation says it was because of

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Employer penalized with $260,000 settlement for unequal pay

Sexual harassment and workplace discrimination often go hand in hand. Employees who endure sexual harassment are often the same employees that are discriminated against by their employer. The term sexual harassment encompasses a variety of actions, all of which include

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EEOC provides protection from sexual harassment

A large produce company — a Midwest egg farm — has given up control of the farm due to health issues and accusations of scandal. First there was a salmonella outbreak and then employees allegedly suffered sexual harassment at the

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Wal-Mart's failure to pay overtime totals over $4 million

Wal-Mart stores have become a staple for personal shopping. Over the years Wal-Mart stores have expanded throughout the United States and grown to become a large retailer that even includes groceries. To expand and grow into the large business Wal-Mart

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