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Missouri funeral home faces scandal and wrongful termination suit

Wrongful termination can occur for many reasons and one reason is an employee's refusal to perform certain work-related duties. Many employees refuse to perform certain duties because the duties could affect a licensure the employee holds for a particular line of work. Missouri laws can protect employees who have been wrongfully terminated for failure to perform duties that may violate the employee's licensure.

Wolfgang Puck's wage and hour violation suit settled for $500K

Wage and hour disputes can occur in almost any workplace, including ones in Missouri, Kansas and any other state. The famous chef Wolfgang Puck has been involved in a wage and hour dispute lawsuit that was recently finalized in a settlement.

'I was asked to marry the man who was harassing me' says employee

The women's rights movement has made incredible strides over the past few decades, but it does not meant that the struggle is over. For many women, it is an individual struggle in a hostile work environment where they suffer sexual harassment and discrimination on a daily basis. In some employment situations, a woman has to prove herself with higher standards than her male counterparts.

Military veteran stands up for women's rights, loses civilian job

She is a woman who served in the military to protect the rights and freedoms she believes in. As an army veteran, she continued to fight for the rights she believed in while working in a civilian position at a medical digital imaging services corporation. The woman helped organize awareness campaigns and act as a program director for an awareness group called Mom2Mom. The group raises breastfeeding awareness.

Employer sued for over $400,000 for wage and hour violations

We recently talked about how state employment laws can vary between states, but federal laws are the same for all employers. The U.S. Department of Labor is a federal agency that is charged with enforcing labor regulations that could apply to employers in any state. A large agricultural employer has been charged with wage and hour violations that total $400,000. As agriculture is a prominent commodity in both Missouri and Kansas, the precedent of this federal lawsuit could impact Missouri and Kansas agriculture employers.

Somali women walk off Midwest job after new dress code announced

A Midwest dessert company recently changed their dress code. After the announcement was made, 10 women walked off of the job and another 20 men joined them. The reason they chose to leave was because they said that the new dress code constituted religious discrimination, and they refused to participate in it.

Ageism is a growing type of workplace discrimination in Missouri

Workplace discrimination can happen in many forms, including in the form of ageism. Ageism is when an employee is discriminated against due to his or her age. Most workers who experienced discrimination based on ageism are employees who are over the age of 50. Ageism effects many employees, including those employed in Missouri.

UPDATE: NLRB clarifies social media policies that go 'too far'

In a recent post, we asked the question, "Are employer social media policies going too far?" The National Labor Relations Board seemed to think so. In fact, the NLRB said that many of the employer policies go too far in restricting employee use of social media websites.

Flashing Yellow Arrows May Improve Safety in Kansas City

Drivers making a left hand turn are required to yield to oncoming traffic. Traffic engineers have long recognized that left turns pose greater risks for accidents. In an effort to increase safety at intersections, traffic engineers are working to install new left-turn traffic signals on Missouri streets.

Sharon Stone sued for harassment, discrimination by former nanny

Workplace harassment can occur when an employee is made to feel humiliated or insulted due to the actions or words of a supervisor or employer. The harassment can occur through many forms, some of which are gestures, comments or emails. A nanny for actress Sharon Stone has claimed workplace harassment based on comments about her nationality.