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Month: August 2012

We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

Nicollette Sheridan quit, no wrongful termination suit says court

Although the television show Desperate Housewives has ended, implications from events that occurred while the show was airing are still surfacing. Specifically, the potential wrongful termination of one of the main characters Nicollette Sheridan is still being debated. As recent

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The Mentalist actress claims sexual harassment by co-worker

Sexual harassment at the workplace happens in every state, including Missouri and Kansas. Most of the time sexual harassment claims do not become public news and are often not even reported by employees. Sexual harassment has a severe emotional impact

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Chick-fil-A accused of having a bias against women too

The fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, a once lesser-known eatery depending on where you live has recently attained national status — but not necessarily for the right reasons. The chief of operations of the company recently released a statement sharing his beliefs

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Library of Congress faces employment discrimination suit

Employment discrimination in the workplace can happen at any workplace, no matter the size of the employer. This is evident in a recently filed employment discrimination lawsuit that was filed against the Library of Congress. The circumstances behind this pending

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Disabled employee's wrongful termination verdict over $106,000

A local affiliate of the nationally recognized organization Planned Parenthood has been sued for wrongful termination. Although the affiliated office is outside of the Missouri and Kansas area, the implications of the employer’s actions and the resulting lawsuit could impact

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Playing Safe: The Importance of Wearing Helmets

When the weather is nice, children want to play outside. Summer is a time for bike-riding, playing sports, and playing on playgrounds. It is also a time when children are susceptible to serious head injuries. Falls from bikes, playground equipment

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