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Supervisor: Which one or more of my bosses qualify?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is something that should never be tolerated. In Missouri, workers are protected from harassment under both state and federal law. When harassment occurs despite the laws, the employee can file a civil lawsuit against their employer. Most often these cases are based on a supervisor's actual harassment or his or her failure to correct harassing behavior by other employees.

Walmart employees on the verge of a strike, boycott threatened

Over the past week, many Kansas and Missouri residents celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. Another related tradition for many is participating in the shopping that happens on the day after Thanksgiving -- a day more commonly known as Black Friday. Many stores have preset sales specifically for Black Friday and Walmart is no exception. Walmart is typically a busy store on Black Friday, but this year claims of employee rights violations may have overshadowed the enticement of the Black Friday deals.

Update: Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination case rejected

The termination of Desperate Housewives actress Nicollette Sheridan made national headlines as the resulting wrongful termination lawsuit unraveled. As indicated in previous post, the presiding judge over the lawsuit determined Nicollette Sheridan was not wrongfully terminated. The district court decision was not the end of this ongoing dispute.

It's easier to vote with bias when the ballots are anonymous

A policy that says "Muslims are not to be promoted" is a pretty clear example of religious discrimination, but even the worst employer knows that would be too obvious. Most discrimination occurs in a less obvious way, or one under which an employer may try to claim that any negative consequences were unintentional and not likely to repeat. This, we know is also untrue.

It's easier to say 'I would have stood up to the harassment'

Being the one on the receiving end of harassment is never an easy position to be in. When faced with the situation, no one can be quite sure how they will react, and how they react cannot be judged as right or wrong. How one reacts might also depend on where the harassment occurred. If you are at a bar and someone makes an inappropriate joke or touches you in an inappropriate way, you might speak up and say "hey!"

Missouri sheriff's office responds to sexual harassment

When any type of harassment occurs at a workplace in Missouri -- especially sexual harassment -- the matter should be taken very seriously. Many employees and employers understand the employer can be held liable for the actions of their employees, but many may not understand or correctly implement internal procedures that are required when employee harassment has been alleged at the employer's workplace.

College cover-up exposed in whistleblower's wrongful termination

Being a whistleblower in Kansas or Missouri -- an employee who reports illegal or wrongdoings of their employer -- is not an easy decision. When an employee decides to act as a whistleblower, the employee may be placing his or her own employment in jeopardy for a greater good, a risk that the law attempts to protect them from. Many times a whistleblower is terminated by their employer and may need to file a wrongful termination lawsuit to rectify the situation.

Wrongful termination of Omeros whistleblower cost almost $4 million

Wrongful termination is illegal...and can cost a pretty penny. When a Missouri employee is the victim of wrongful termination, the employee may be entitled to financial compensation such as back pay and potentially employment-related compensation, including nonmonetary damages such as reinstatement.