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Month: April 2013

We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

Lawmakers introduce bill to change overtime pay rules

Republicans reintroduced a bill that has been turned down several times in the past. The proposed new name of the bill is the Working Families Flexibility Act. The current wage laws require employers to pay employees time and a half

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Missouri women sues Hooters for workplace discrimination

A former waitress for the Hooters restaurant chain claims she was discriminated against on the basis of disability following brain surgery in 2012. The woman has filed a lawsuit in Missouri court seeking $25,000 for emotional and mental distress she

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Fast food workers fight for wages and unions

Missouri and Kansas fast-food workers may be interested in the unionization efforts of fast-food workers and new wage laws in other parts of the country. Workers in New York fast-food restaurants recently held a one day strike to publicize their

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Employers keep track of alleged employee theft

In recent years, theft by employees has been an increasing problem for many employers. As a result, some Kansas City retail companies have begun to use databases to record employees accused of theft. Tens of thousands of companies, including some

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Dealing with age discrimination in the workplace

If someone over the age of 40 is looking for work in Missouri, they may be being passed up for a less qualified but younger applicant. While there are numerous protections for people who face workplace discrimination related to gender,

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Schools could pay high price for avoiding right-to-work laws

Missouri and Kansas teachers may be interested in how the controversial new right-to-work laws in another state are affecting that state’s education system. In Michigan, some school districts and colleges are approving new contracts that will let them avoid the

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Anti-transgender bill could set a precedent

Transgendered residents of Missouri may be interested to know that an Arizona bill would prevent transgendered people from using the public restrooms that matched their new sexes and that the bill met with resistance as dissenters showed up to challenge

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Missouri woman sues boss for sexual harassment

A Missouri woman claims that her boss began sexually harassing her as early as her job interview. According to the complaint filed in a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer, the woman claims the owner of Spear Construction asked

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