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January 2014 Archives

Missouri governor wants to expand job discrimination protections

In his 2014 State of the State address, Missouri Democratic Governor Jay Nixon announced his plans to expand protection against employment discrimination based on an employee's sexual orientation. Missouri law already prohibits workplace discrimination based on disability, race, religion, sex, color, ancestry and national origin.

Girl dies due to doctor errors after routine dental procedure?

Medical doctors, nurses and other health care providers are responsible for the safety and well-being of those entrusted to their care in Missouri. Medical procedures and medication protocols are constantly changing, which requires a significant commitment to continuing education by all in the medical community. When doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes, disastrous consequences can result. Recently, a family in another state experienced one such tragedy due to doctor errors.

Leading economists support federal minimum wage increase

Proposed legislation that would gradually increase the federal minimum wage was endorsed by 75 well-known economists in a letter addressed to federal lawmakers and President Obama. The wage law is being sponsored by two Democratic members of Congress, one from the House and one from the Senate. Missouri's minimum wage is currently $7.50 per hour.

Personality sues BET for discrimination

Missouri residents who follow LGBT news may be interested in learning about a lawsuit involving Black Entertainment Television. Host B. Scott is suing the network on the basis of sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity. He is biologically a male, but he identifies as gender nonconforming.

Missouri trucking company fined for blacklisting former employee

A motor carrier in Missouri has been ordered to pay a former employee back wages and damages of $100,994.24. A Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation showed that the truck driver suffered a work-related back injury in October of 2008 and notified supervisors at the trucking company that he was seeking medical attention for the condition. Later on, the employer allegedly blacklisted the man when he attempted to find work elsewhere.

Missouri truck accident leaves 1 man dead

Accidents involving commercial, construction and dump trucks can leave victims injured, often fatally. The potential hazards and dangers that these trucks represent to motorists traveling in close proximity are numerous. Truck accidents rank among the most dangerous of all types of collisions in Missouri. They are often necessary for construction projects of many sorts; therefore, motorists must be aware of the presence of these vehicles and potential risks associated with a truck accident.

School district settles with former superintendent

A former Missouri school superintendent's 5-year legal battle against the Liberty public school district concluded with a $950,000 settlement. The settlement agreement was unanimously approved by the district's board of education on Dec. 24. The former employee will receive $700,000 from the district's insurer and $250,000 from the district itself.

Missouri man alleges assault in civil rights lawsuit

A former Christian County Judicial Center employee has reportedly filed suit because he allegedly never received his final paycheck after being fired in Aug. 2012. He also alleges that, when he went to collect his final paycheck and turn in the county property he still had in his possession, the deputy he spoke to refused to give him a copy of a signed log listing all of the equipment returned. The suit then alleges that, when the employee attempted to leave with the paperwork, the deputy assaulted him. The man says that the deputy 'attempted to put him in a chokehold" as he was leaving the building.

T-bone collisions can leave families heartbroken

Drivers are often aware of the increased risk of traveling over the holidays because more vehicles are generally on the road during the holiday season. Despite best efforts made by police officers and local agencies to enforce safe driving laws, accidents happen. T-bone collisions happen and result in many serious injuries for the vehicles knocked off course. A potential T-bone collision that occurred on one Missouri highway has left a community and one family heartbroken this holiday season.

Missouri's state minimum wage increases for 2014

Both an increase in the Missouri minimum wage and a business tax cut have resulted due to laws passed years ago that either had provisions for inflation or effective dates that were to be phased-in. On Jan. 1, the state minimum hourly wage increased from $7.35 to $7.50. Missouri is one of 20 states in the country with a minimum wage rate higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. The National Employment Law Project, a worker advocacy group based in New York, estimates that the increase will impact 104,000 Missouri workers.