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February 2014 Archives

Head-on collisions a danger for Missouri drivers

All drivers who make the decision to get behind the wheel do so with the understanding that there are certain risks inherent in road travel. Many of us take steps to ensure that we are driving in a safe and responsible manner. We keep our cars properly maintained, avoid driving after drinking and make every effort to follow the rules of the road. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to reduce the risks associated with the behavior of others, as evidenced by one of Missouri's most recent head-on collisions.

Doctor errors may have led to one man's disabling heart attack

February brings to light issues of the heart between American Heart Month and Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. Drawing awareness to reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues, February spotlights taking charge of heart health. Heart disease and health issues continue to pervade the nation and people in Missouri, bringing a host of problems to victims and loved ones. Recently, one man suffered a heart attack, allegedly due to doctor errors, and subsequently filed a medical malpractice claim in the aftermath.

Truck accident in Missouri results in death but no accountability

Sadly, trucking companies and commercial truck drivers are not always held accountable for accidents that leave victims and loved ones devastated. The sheer size of these large trucks increase their threat to other vehicles on the road and cause them to be deadly in the event of a crash. Not only are large trucks destructive to vehicles, the victims of these accidents usually incur serious injuries that can lead to fatalities. A truck accident in Missouri that leads to personal injury or loss of life should be investigated and guilty parties should be held accountable.

Missouri truck accident results in 2 injuries

A person may be driving nonchalantly one moment and then find himself or herself facing a tractor-trailer head-on. This can easily happen in a split second if the person driving the truck makes just one mistake behind the wheel and crosses the center line. Speeding or driving while distracted can cause a person to quickly lose control of a motor vehicle and may easily contribute to this type of truck accident on Missouri roads.

Family alleges brain damage caused by cosmetic surgery errors

Missouri residents may agree that some cosmetic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction are considered routine. These types of procedures are performed often enough that people may forget that they are still considered major surgery and come with the same risks as other procedures. Cosmetic surgery errors can lead to permanent disfigurement, other serious or permanent injuries and even death.

Possible Toyota lawsuits in Missouri

For decades, Toyota has been one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. It is a brand that is known for quality, dependability, fuel economy and safety. It has continued to forge ahead with new models and designs to meet the consumers' needs even in terrible times for the automotive market as a whole. However, Toyota lawsuits are a possibility for people in Missouri who have suffered injuries due to current problems with Toyota Camry hybrids.