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March 2014 Archives

1 dead, 1 injured after 1 of Missouri's nearly head-on collisions

Although head-on collisions in Missouri are some of the worst traffic accidents, crashes that are nearly head-on can do extensive damage and result in serious injuries as well. Many head-on collisions are caused by a wrong way driver, which is the case in a recent accident in Missouri. This car wreck involving three vehicles, with two of them hitting nearly head-on, has taken the life of one man and left one woman injured.

2 fatalities in 1 of Missouri's recent motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents in Missouri can be some of the worst crashes on the road. They often end in serious head injuries and spinal cord injuries due to the fact that motorcyclists are not secure inside a body of metal, as one is with a car. Injuries can greatly be reduced when motorcyclists are wearing the proper protective gear. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can still happen and can still result in serious injury or fatality.

Doctor errors capped by malpractice caps in Missouri House bill

In 2012 the Supreme Court of Missouri declared the state's $350,000 cap of jury awards for "pain and suffering" in medical malpractice cases unconstitutional, saying the law violates a patient's right to a jury trial. The Court held that constitutionally only juries can declare the amount of damages. After that decision, there have been no caps on damages awards in medical malpractice cases in Missouri. Such awards compensate for doctor errors, and negligence by hospitals and other healthcare workers.

Missouri senator's military sex assault bill passes muster

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill emerged victorious in her face-off with her Democratic New York counterpart, Sen, Kirsten Gillibrand, as the Senate recently blocked Gillibrand's bill, which would have prevented the U. S. military brass from handing sexual assault cases.