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May 2014 Archives

Box truck driver in truck accident pleads guilty to charges

Despite numerous efforts to prevent car accidents, they still happen frequently across the nation, including on highways in Missouri. Although a car accident can result in serious injuries, a commercial truck accident can sometimes cause more serious and even fatal injuries. This is primarily because of their larger size and heavier structure.

Alleged misdiagnosis leads to man's appendix rupturing

Missouri residents may be interested in hearing about how a recent alleged misdiagnosis of a man's condition led to health concerns and a lawsuit. The man’s wife scheduled an appointment for the man at a clinic, where his primary care physician and nurse practitioner worked, after he had suffered from hiccupping, nausea and pain in the abdominal area for 24 hours. An appointment was schedule for two days later, but the doctor asked the patient to pick up and take an acid reflux medicine. Although he did as asked by the medical professional, the patient asserts he had never been diagnosed with acid reflux in the past. This was the beginning of what the man and wife have alleged as a misdiagnosis.

Missouri truck accident causes injuries to 4 individuals

It isn't uncommon for vehicle accidents that take place on Missouri roadways to take some time in determining the cause of the accident and who was at fault. After all, it is a difficult job that law enforcement officials have to determine exactly what happened in a car or truck accident. An investigation can uncover information that is necessary in determining cause and fault in an accident.

4 dead, 1 injured after 1 of Missouri's head-on collisions

When it comes to driving on Missouri roads, just thinking about being in a head-on collision can be quite scary. It goes without saying that head-on collisions often result in grave injuries, such as spinal cord and brain injuries, and often death. A recent head-on collision in Missouri has claimed the life of four individuals and injured another.

Leaf blowers may cause lacerations, defective power tool claims

When consumers in Missouri purchase a power tool or any product, they expect for it to be safe to use. If a product proves defective, injuries can potentially range from a minor cut and bruising that will heal within a few weeks' time, to more life-changing injuries, such as the loss of fingers, hands or limbs. For those who suffer serious injuries, this is when there may be potential for defective power tool claims to be brought against the manufacturer or distributors of the power tool.