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Month: July 2014

We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

Wage law violations cost company penalties, restitution

Missouri workers who hire through staffing agencies like Labor Ready should be aware that in the past, in this state and elsewhere around the nation, the company failed to pay its workers the “prevailing wage” rates when they worked on

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Wrongful termination case involves 2 federal agencies

In a curious case involving a face-off between two governmental agencies, the federal Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for Missouri’s Eastern District against the United States Postal Service. The litigation filed is

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5 injured in rollover truck accident in Missouri

Vehicle crashes are common occurrences on the road. However, there are some types of crashes which are more dangerous than others and have a higher chance of resulting in an injury. One of these types of crashes is when a

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Female Yahoo executive accused of sexual harassment

In an industry dominated by males, there is a twist to the sexual harassment accusations against a Yahoo tech executive by a software engineer formerly employed with the company. Both are females. The former engineer recently filed a complaint alleging

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Kansas City workers could lose employee rights

The slide down the slippery slope has begun and was signaled by the recent ruling by the Supreme Court that allows profit-earning corporations religious exemptions from provisions of the Affordable Care Act they find offensive to their religious beliefs. But

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Missouri Supreme Court lowers proof burden for workers

A recent decision by the Missouri Supreme Court can be considered a victory for Missouri workers. The court ruled on a case that lowers the employee’s needed burden of proof when filing claims for retaliation after making workers’ compensation claims.

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Missouri sheriff pleads guilty to harassment charge

The sheriff of Osage County recently entered a plea of guilty to a single count of harassment to avoid a trial on more serious charges that included third-degree assault, stalking, tampering with a motor vehicle and sexual misconduct. When accepting

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Workplace discrimination exemption sought by faith group

Some workers in Missouri could be impacted if approximately 140 religious leaders and those advocating for religious freedom get their way. They have signed a letter to the president requesting that he exempt faith-based groups from his executive orders that

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Supreme Court decision blow to employee rights

On the last day of June, a Supreme Court split decision ruled in the favor of corporations, determining that some for-profit companies will not be required to pick up the tab for certain kinds of contraceptives used by their employees.

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