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July 2014 Archives

5 injured in rollover truck accident in Missouri

Vehicle crashes are common occurrences on the road. However, there are some types of crashes which are more dangerous than others and have a higher chance of resulting in an injury. One of these types of crashes is when a vehicle completely rolls over. This is what happened recently in a Missouri truck accident which resulted in multiple injuries.

Missouri Supreme Court lowers proof burden for workers

A recent decision by the Missouri Supreme Court can be considered a victory for Missouri workers. The court ruled on a case that lowers the employee’s needed burden of proof when filing claims for retaliation after making workers’ compensation claims. This is covered in the Missouri Statutes under Section 287.780.

Alleged doctor errors result in unnecessary eye surgeries

Eye surgery is supposed to help individuals in Missouri who have poor vision to improve their ability to see. Unfortunately, doctor errors may occur and result in complications. A woman is suing an optometry clinic after she said she had to reportedly undergo unnecessary surgeries.

Missouri sheriff pleads guilty to harassment charge

The sheriff of Osage County recently entered a plea of guilty to a single count of harassment to avoid a trial on more serious charges that included third-degree assault, stalking, tampering with a motor vehicle and sexual misconduct. When accepting his plea, the judge ordered that the sheriff complete two years of probation, undergo periodic alcohol and drug evaluations, receive counseling for sexual harassment, have no contact with those he victimized and not break any laws.

Workplace discrimination exemption sought by faith group

Some workers in Missouri could be impacted if approximately 140 religious leaders and those advocating for religious freedom get their way. They have signed a letter to the president requesting that he exempt faith-based groups from his executive orders that protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered federally contracted government workers from discrimination.

1 of Missouri's head-on collisions claims life of 1, injures 2

Any vehicle accident puts drivers and passengers at risk of serious injury and possibly even death. With head-on accidents, the risk of injury is increased because of the fact that the speed from both involved cars are combined. Recently, a 65-year-old man died after being involved in one of Missouri's recent head-on collisions.

Fireman killed in 1 of Missouri's alleged drunk driving accidents

A Missouri firefighter who was off-duty was killed in March in a tragic car accident. Apparently, the 39-year-old woman who is said to have caused the accident was attempting to pass another vehicle on the highway. Her Audi vehicle struck the front of a Dodge Caliber, which was driven by the 49-year-old firefighter. The woman was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the crash, likely adding to the statistics for 2014 of fatal drunk driving accidents in Missouri.