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August 2014 Archives

Head-on collisions in Missouri: 1 dead, 3 injured

A two-car crash near Jackson claimed the life of one person and injured three others. A preliminary investigation revealed that one car may have veered left of the center of the roadway and struck the second car head-on. Head-on collisions in Missouri are often fatal, and in this tragedy, one person lost her life.

Jury awards $2.3M to patient who suffered from doctor errors

When a person becomes ill and requires medical attention, he or she likely turns to an individual who has had years of schooling to help them timely and correctly diagnose a condition. Whether it is a nurse, doctor or other health care provider, a patient in Missouri typically puts his or her full trust into the ability of that provider. Unfortunately, though, human error can occur. A man from another state recently took his claims of doctor errors to court and won.

1 dead, several injured after 1 of Missouri's head-on collisions

A 75-year-old man recently got on Interstate 44 in Missouri. Unfortunately, he entered the highway and began driving the wrong way for unknown reasons. He supposedly continued driving the wrong way for approximately five miles. At that time, his vehicle struck several others causing multiple injuries in one of Missouri's most recent head-on collisions.

Missouri truck accident claims life of 2, injures 2 others

A recent accident in Missouri has taken the lives of two individuals and injured two others. Apparently, the truck accident transpired when a tractor trailer attempted to make a left-hand turn as it was heading northbound. However, as the driver attempted to make this turn, a smaller truck was traveling southbound. Unfortunately, the result was a deadly collision.

Police officer in Hazlewood facing sexual harassment allegations

A police officer in Hazelwood, Missouri, is facing accusations of sexual harassment. The woman who is making those accusations even took out a restraining order against the man. She indicated that the harassment happened at a gas station, while she was at work.

Dentist's alleged failure to diagnose leads to malpractice claim

When Missouri residents need dental care, they would naturally want to be able to trust the dentist to provide care of an acceptable standard. When a dentist fails to resolve one's dental problems, it could result in numerous consultations and ongoing pain. A dentist in another state is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit that includes a claim for a failure to diagnose.