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October 2014 Archives

Family suspects nursing home neglect after health deterioration

One of the most difficult decisions that Missouri family members must make is when they decide to put a loved one in an assisted living facility or nursing home. They worry that their loved one will not be treated and cared for appropriately. This is especially true with as many individuals as there are who suffer from elder abuse and nursing home neglect every year. For one family, the realization of this is all too real.

Workplace discrimination examples

Missourians, like others elsewhere around the country, can experience discrimination in the workplace. While illegal, old prejudices die hard and these situations still occur. It can be very helpful to the worker to know ways to identify these negative incidents that affect both an employee's performance and morale.

Doctor errors may occur more in afternoon in Missouri

A medical professional can make a mistake at any time of the day, which is why he or she should always be vigilant and alert. However, despite one's best efforts, a doctor can still make a mistake that causes harm to a patient in Missouri. A recently released study suggests that doctors may be more likely to make a mistake on prescriptions during the afternoon. These types of doctor errors can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit in some cases.

Woman in killed in 1 of Missouri's recent hit-and-run accidents

Roads in Missouri can be a very dangerous place to be, though many people have to travel them every single day. Hit-and-run drivers contribute to making the roads across the country unsafe, and they are usually prosecuted once they are located. Fortunately, drivers responsible for hit-and-run accidents are often found and criminally charged by law enforcement personnel. 

Cases of amputation in Missouri motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists have to adhere to the same laws as car drivers. They also have the same rights as other types of motorists. The only difference is that a motorcyclist is infinitely more vulnerable to suffering catastrophic injuries in a Missouri car crash -- injuries that result in amputation, spinal cord damage and traumatic brain damage.

Crashes can cause serious head injuries or death in Missouri

Motorcyclists must exercise significant caution when on the road, since those particular types of vehicles leave their bodies exposed, as opposed to a regular passenger car with a metal body encasing the driver and passengers. Understandably, those riding motorcycles have a higher chance of serious head injuries, spinal cord injuries and even death when an accident  does occur. Unfortunately, one biker's death underscored how dangerous riding a motorcycle can be after a recent crash in Missouri.