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Month: October 2014

We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

Differences between independent contractors and employees?

Missouri residents may be interested to learn what the main differences are between employees and independent contractors under the law. The biggest difference is control. For the most part, employers are entitled to control their employees under the terms and

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Missouri Dominos franchises facing wage law litigation

Missouri consumers who enjoy a slice or two from one of the nation’s most popular pizza chains may be interested to learn of the following litigation. A pizza delivery driver for Dominos has filed a lawsuit in the United States

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Workplace discrimination examples

Missourians, like others elsewhere around the country, can experience discrimination in the workplace. While illegal, old prejudices die hard and these situations still occur. It can be very helpful to the worker to know ways to identify these negative incidents

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Does Missouri protect its workers from discrimination?

Missouri workers may be glad to know that yes, the state does have provisions in place to protect them from workplace discrimination. The Missouri Human Rights Act makes it a crime to discriminate workers in any manner of employment due

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Most Missouri workers are entitled to overtime pay

Some Missouri workers struggle to make it financially and cover all of their bills simply holding down one job. But working two or more jobs leaves very little free time to spend with family or on leisure activities. One way

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Can my boss legally fire me for any reason in Missouri?

Employees often are surprised by their termination because they didn’t see it coming. As far as they were aware, everything was fine and their performance was adequate or better. Therefore, when the axe unexpectedly falls, often they question whether they

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Cases of amputation in Missouri motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists have to adhere to the same laws as car drivers. They also have the same rights as other types of motorists. The only difference is that a motorcyclist is infinitely more vulnerable to suffering catastrophic injuries in a Missouri

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