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November 2014 Archives

Black Friday sales shouldn't cancel out employee rights

Black Friday is a day of great sales. It is also a day that poses a great danger to workers. As droves of shoppers show up at stores to score great deals on merchandise, employees are in danger of being trampled by the crowds. This fact hasn't gone unnoticed by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Under a general duty clause, OSHA issued a fine of $7,000 against big box retailer Walmart after a worker was killed during the store's Black Friday sales.

Rollover accidents, other collisions kill 8 in Missouri

Cars are amazing feats of technology, and loving cars and other vehicles may be considered an ingrained aspect of American culture. Unfortunately, there might be little doubt that they can become exceptionally dangerous in the blink of an eye, especially in rollover accidents. A recent weekend in Missouri resulted in at least eight accident-related fatalities across the state. For some, the weather may have played at least a partial role.

Cosmetic surgery errors may prove difficult to prove in a claim

While a Missouri cosmetic surgery patient may be unsatisfied with the ultimate results of a procedure, he or she will first have to prove that other professionals in this field would have produced better results. For a medical malpractice claim against a cosmetic surgeon to be viable, negligence has to be proved. If, for example, a problem such as an abnormal bone structure that could not have been anticipated becomes apparent during surgery, the surgeon has to cope with the situation in the best way possible. If chances are that other surgeons would also have been unaware of the problem prior to surgery, it may not be seen as negligent, and the result may not constitute cosmetic surgery errors.

Doctor errors in pharmacy allegedly cause woman's overdose death

No one ever expects that they are going to die at the hands of another person -- especially a medical physician who has spent years of his or her life in medical school. Doctors are expected to know what they are doing and to provide adequate care. However, doctor errors are made. Unfortunately, those errors can result in the untimely death of individuals in Missouri and across the rest of the nation.

Motorcycle accidents continue to claim lives; 1 dead after crash

Motorcycles and cars have to share the road every single day. Although the weather is getting cooler, there are still many motorcycles on Missouri roads right now. Therefore, a motorcyclist needs to ensure that he or she is alert and focused on the road ahead. Likewise, drivers in vehicles need to focus on the road while also being on the lookout for motorcycles. When this is not done, it often results in an accident that leaves someone hurt or dead, such as with one of Missouri's recent motorcycle accidents.