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Month: December 2014

We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

Near head-on collisions can cause severe injuries

The impact produced during head-on collisions often leaves the occupants of both vehicles with serious or fatal injuries. In near head-on collisions, the impact may not be as great, but that does not eliminate the severity of the consequences to

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Understanding dismissal laws in Missouri

Losing your job can be stressful and frustrating, even under the best of circumstances, and this is made even worse if you think that you have been dismissed improperly. For example, perhaps you believe you have been fired due to

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Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment used to be the dirty little secret Missouri workers had to put up with in order to keep their jobs. Fortunately, there are now laws in place to protect workers, yet this practice still occurs in some companies

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Does your Missouri employer accommodate the disabled?

When Missouri companies hire disabled workers, they enrich, enhance and diversify their workplace culture. While all employers should strive to include employees with disabilities as part of their workplace, some fall short of this laudable goal. Below are some signs

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Single wage garnishments protected under Title III

Missouri workers can sometimes find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having their wages garnished by their employers in order to settle a debt. Garnishments can be embarrassing for the worker and involve extra paperwork for the company, which is

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