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December 2014 Archives

Near head-on collisions can cause severe injuries

The impact produced during head-on collisions often leaves the occupants of both vehicles with serious or fatal injuries. In near head-on collisions, the impact may not be as great, but that does not eliminate the severity of the consequences to the people involved. Recently, two vehicles collided almost head on on Interstate 55 in Missouri.

Recent crash adds to total of Missouri head-on collisions

It is an unfortunate truth that people die in numerous car accidents each year. It seems that one of the most deadly types of crashes both here in Missouri and around the country involve head-on collisions. In fact, on a recent Tuesday, a head-on crash took the lives of two drivers.

Rollover accidents in Missouri cause injuries and deaths of many

Missouri residents may have reason to be concerned about the number of young adults who lose their lives or suffer life-changing injuries in car accidents. It is not uncommon for rollover accidents to occur when a driver loses control and leaves the roadway. Unfortunately, in many of these single-vehicle accidents, the passengers suffer the worst consequences.

Failure to diagnose leads to $5.6 million award to cancer patient

Missouri residents who experience medical problems that are unfamiliar to them may experience high levels of anxiety. Most people rely on medical professionals to accurately diagnose and treat their conditions. Failure to diagnose dreaded diseases such as cancer may lead to devastating results. Modern medical technology allows for accurate diagnoses, yet many cases of failure to diagnose continue to occur.

Family files lawsuits over allegations of nursing home neglect

As our loved ones age and become more frail, the question of how to take care of them may loom large. If a specialized facility is under consideration, the question of protecting a family member from nursing home neglect may be a major concern. Residents in Missouri who are facing this decision may desire to carefully research any potential placement, though that may not always be enough.