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The severity of a car vs. truck accident lies in weight and size

Many Missouri residents are nervous sharing the streets and highways with tractor-trailers. The impressive size and weight of these big rigs is intimidating. It is those two factors that often make a car vs. truck accident more severe than a crash involving two passenger vehicles.

T-bone collisions and rollover accidents occur without warning

Misjudging a vehicle's distance and speed, impatience and inattention are the three primary reasons for a driver turning onto a highway from a secondary road into the path of a vehicle already traveling at highway speeds. Any of these scenarios can lead to rear end collisions, T-bone collisions or rollover accidents, depending on the circumstances. It may be a while before troopers with the Missouri State Highway Patrol know if one of these reasons led to a recent crash that sent five people to area hospitals.

Details begin to emerge in fatal Missouri truck accident on I-435

Investigators recently issued a preliminary report regarding a crash that occurred just days after Christmas on Interstate 435. Even though some unanswered questions remain, a truck driver involved in the wreck could face criminal charges in connection with the incident. The Missouri truck accident claimed the lives of five people -- three of whom were children under the age of 3.

Vehicle occupants are often ejected during rollover accidents

Missouri residents may get tired of hearing that they need to buckle up, but there is a good reason that law enforcement officials and safety advocates continue to push the issue -- it saves lives. In normal accidents, not wearing a seat belt can be deadly, but in rollover accidents, the odds of an unbuckled occupant being thrown out of the vehicle increases dramatically. Of course, there is no guarantee that serious injury or death will not result from a violent impact, but the odds are better if everyone inside the vehicle is properly restrained.