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Murder charges can result from drunk driving accidents

Most drivers do not set out to kill anyone when they get behind the wheel of their vehicles. However, when a Missouri resident decides to drive after consuming alcohol or drugs, he or she makes the choice to put the lives of everyone on the road with them at risk. The possibility of that driver causing a crash that takes the life of someone else is real. Many people may not realize that murder charges can result from drunk driving accidents.

Rear-end collisions can be just as deadly as head-on collisions

When two vehicles collide, the force behind the impact often determines how severely the occupants of each vehicle are injured. This means that rear-end collisions can be just as deadly as head-on collisions -- especially at highway speeds. A recent two-vehicle crash on Interstate 44 here in Missouri sadly illustrates this fact.

Many head-on collisions happen on curves in the road

Many people drive the same Missouri roads every day without incident. However, it only takes one mistake to cause an accident. For instance, many head-on collisions here in the state and around the country happen when a driver fails to negotiate a curve.

Not all drivers in hit-and-run accidents actually get away

For whatever reason, some Missouri drivers fail to remain at the scene of an accident. Fortunately, however, not all drivers in hit-and-run accidents manage to escape before law enforcement and other emergency personnel arrive. This was the case in a recent fatal accident in which the driver of the vehicle believed responsible attempted to get away but was stopped by a witness and held until police arrived.

Cellphone factored into deadly truck accident

The use of a cellphone while driving has been said to cause just as many accidents as driving under the influence. When the person using the cellphone is driving a tractor-trailer, it can become even more dangerous for other motorists. For example, a recent truck accident in Missouri is being blamed on the driver's use of a cellphone.