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What is reverse discrimination?

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly in their place of work and, indeed, in their day-to-day lives. Sadly, as many residents of Missouri know, all too many people do not receive the respect and fair treatment they deserve. In particular, a large number of employees experience harassment or discrimination at the hands of their employers, colleagues or both. This is unacceptable, yet it is often a difficult problem to tackle.

Know your rights as an employee

Every employee in Missouri has certain rights that his or her employer and colleagues are obliged to respect. Sadly, this does not always happen and countless workers suffer unfair treatment and a hostile work environment every day in their place of employment. This situation is unacceptable yet it regularly is allowed to continue simply because the victims of this mistreatment are unaware of their rights or fear retaliation if they speak up about the problem.

Some head-on collisions occur despite efforts to avoid them

Many Missouri drivers rely on quick reactions to avoid becoming involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, some head-on collisions cannot be avoided despite drivers' best efforts to avoid them. This was the case in a recent crash in which one man lost his life.

You should not have to endure harassment at work

Many workers in Missouri know that you cannot always get on with everyone in your place of work. No matter how good you are at your job, there may be people with whom you simply do not gel. Hopefully you will both be able to get on with your jobs with as little conflict as possible. Unfortunately, some people choose to make others? lives harder by treating them unfairly and subjecting them to a hostile work environment.

Injuries suffered in head-on collisions can be costly

Anyone in Missouri who recently suffered from an illness or injury most likely incurred a substantial amount of medical expenses -- even with health insurance. Drivers and passengers who survive head-on collisions could be looking at a costly recovery since the injuries suffered in these motor vehicle crashes can be significant. The costs will only escalate if victims are left with permanent disabilities for which they will need lifelong care.

Missouri considers anti-discrimination bill

As every worker in Missouri knows, not every day at work goes as well as you might hope. In fact sometimes it is not simply the stresses of the job that can get to you, but the behavior of the people around you. With any luck these issues will simply be minor disagreements that are quickly forgotten. However, it is a sad fact that some employees face unfair and hostile treatment at work every day.

What is retaliation?

Finding a good job can be challenging and holding onto it can at times be even more difficult. As many employees in Missouri know, job stability is a precious thing and it is all too easy to make a minor mistake that ultimately leads to your dismissal. If you have a volatile employer, you may even find yourself feeling nervous about standing up for your employee rights or reporting issues you may find within the organization.

Not all Missouri drunk driving accidents take place in cars

When most people picture an intoxicated driver being involved in a crash, that person's vehicle is a car, SUV or some other vehicle with four wheels or more. However, many Missouri drunk driving accidents involve two-wheeled vehicles, such as motorcycles, mopeds or motor scooters. The damage done in these crashes can be just as serious or deadly.

Injuries sustained in rollover accidents can be serious or fatal

During an accident, the Missouri residents occupying the vehicles involved can suffer a variety of injuries depending on several factors such as the force of the impact, whether the vehicle hits other objects and whether the vehicle flips. Injuries sustained in rollover accidents, for example, can be severe and even fatal due to the risk of being thrown around -- or out of -- the vehicle as it rolls. It is nearly impossible to predict the path the vehicle will take after the initial impact.

AT&T hit with a racial discrimination lawsuit

As many Missouri workers know, certain forms of discrimination in the workplace are prohibited by federal and state law. On April 21, AT&T revealed it had terminated an executive at the center of a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by a 30-year employee of the company. AT&T apologized for the executive's actions and said the company regretted not terminating him sooner.

Verdict in sexual harassment case upheld in appeals court

Missouri residents may be interested to learn that a federal appeals court recently upheld a $1.5 million verdict in a sexual harassment case. The lower court jury verdict had been reached after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a North Carolina-based company on behalf of four employees.

Court orders arbitration for age discrimination case against Rams

The Missouri Supreme Court ordered an age discrimination lawsuit against the St. Louis Rams to go to arbitration because of the provisions of the employment contract of the plaintiff, a former equipment manager for the team. The man filed the lawsuit in May 2012, a year after he was let go.