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Are you entitled to overtime wages?

Many workers in Missouri pick up a few extra shifts here and there to make sure that they are able to pay the bills. It can sometimes be extremely difficult to make ends meet, so those extra few dollars can really make a difference. But what happens when you are not paid for the work you do? All of a sudden you are working harder, spending less time with your loved ones and still struggling to stay afloat financially.

Employee awarded $95,000 in harassment settlement

Everyone deserves fair treatment both in their daily lives and in their place of work. Sadly, as many employees in Missouri know, not everyone is granted the respect and fairness they deserve. In fact, in an alarming number of cases, workers are subjected to serious discrimination, mistreatment and abuse at work from their colleagues and even their employers.

Healing after drunk driving accidents can take some time

Driving under the influence is dangerous, but many people continue to do it with disastrous consequences. Drunk driving accidents leave victims with a variety of injuries -- if they survive - and the healing process for some Missouri residents can be frightening, slow and frustrating. For example, after a recent accident, doctors told a 50-year-old woman and her family that her spinal cord was severed.

What are your privacy rights at work?

As most workers in Missouri are aware, you have a number of rights as an employee and you should be able to expect to have these respected. Sadly, all too many people throughout the state and indeed across the U.S. endure a breach of their employee rights every day at work. Some are underpaid, others suffer harassment or discrimination while others are forced to cover excessive hours or work in an unsafe environment.

Proceed carefully following your termination

Many employees in Missouri know how distressing it can be to lose your job. Having to look for a new position while also dealing with lost wages and the sudden change of circumstances in the meantime can put a huge strain on you and your family. This can all be amplified if you were unfairly dismissed as you may also have the stress of responding to this mistreatment and seeking a fair resolution to the situation.

Many T-bone collisions occur when drivers fail to obey stop signs

At many Missouri intersections, only the cross traffic is required to stop. T-bone collisions occur for a variety of reasons at these intersections, but in most cases, a driver failed to obey a stop sign. Distracted driving, impairment and speed may be the most prevalent factors in these accidents, but none of these factors changes the fact that the drivers believed to be responsible for these crashes did not take their duty to others on the road seriously.

Make sure that you are being paid fairly

The cost of living in Missouri is not as low as many of the state's residents might prefer. It can be hard to make ends meet, even if you are working long hours in a difficult job. Of course, this is made far harder if you are not being paid the wages you are owed or if the hourly rate is lower than the legal minimum wage for your home state. Unfortunately, all too many employers try to get away with underpaying their employees, knowing that many will not be prepared to fight back.

Discrimination can occur even before you get the job

As many employees in Missouri have learned the hard way, getting a job can be tough. No matter how diligent a worker you are or how well-suited you may be to a given position, there is still likely to be quite a lot of competition to face during the application process. To make things worse, there is a chance that you could be subject to illegal discrimination during the selection process, making it almost impossible to get the job you want.

Many causes of truck accidents are violations of DOT statutes

The trucking industry must adhere to certain standards set by both state and federal governments. In fact, DOT statutes cover numerous causes of truck accidents. If you are involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer in Missouri, chances are that at least one of the statutes was violated.

Is your employer obliged to protect you from harassment?

Experiencing unfair treatment at work is a horrible thing and one that can be extremely distressing. A hostile work environment can make your job very difficult and have a significant negative effect on your mood and your general well-being. Yet unlike some uncomfortable situations, it is often not as simple as just walking away. You still want to do your job, yet this means exposure to unfair treatment. Sadly, all too many employees in Missouri experience this every day.

Doctor alleges dismissal for whistleblowing

As most employees in Missouri know, upsetting your employers is rarely a good move. However, there are some circumstances where it simply cannot be avoided. For example, if you notice safety breaches, unfair treatment or illegal activity in your place of work, you should try to report it as soon as possible. Of course, you may be concerned that you could be fired for doing so. Fortunately, there is a good chance that you will be protected by law and that any such dismissal would be deemed as retaliatory.

Some Missouri medical patients suffer from doctor errors

A Missouri medical patient has the right to reasonably assume that doctors and nurses will conduct themselves according to the highest level of safety standards when treating him or her during a physical examination, surgery or other form of medical care. Doctor errors sometimes cause injury or illness for patients who depended on them for appropriate treatment. When medical staff members fail to meet their obligation to protect patient safety, the outcome can be disastrous for those involved.