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Vehicle occupants risk being ejected in rollover accidents

When a vehicle flips, its occupants are often thrown around the cabin -- even if they are wearing seat belts. Drivers and passengers alike are also at risk of being thrown out of the vehicle during rollover accidents. It most likely does not surprise Missouri readers that in either case, the potential for serious or fatal injuries is high.

Your employer cannot discriminate based on national origin

Discrimination based on sex, skin color and religion are easy to spot and highly ingrained in the American psyche. But a less well-known factor in discrimination is national origin. National origin is not discrimination based upon immigrant status, it is discrimination based upon someone's heritage. National origin discrimination can happen to resident aliens, naturalized citizens and native-born citizens. This article will go over national origin discrimination and how you may report a claim if you are discriminated against.

Is your job exempt from overtime pay? Part 2

It would be easy to say that 90 percent of jobs do not fall under these exemptions. Unfortunately, this is not true. As discussed in a previous article, overtime is not an automatic right for many jobs. This article will continue discussing the various exemptions from overtime.

Is your job exempt from overtime pay, pt. 1?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (or "FLSA") establishes many minimum standards for workers' rights. Among these standards is mandatory minimum and overtime pay. The minimum wage, depending on your job, is typically $7.25. Overtime generally activates when you work either (a) more than eight hours in a single shift or (b) more than 40 hours in a week. But, these rules are not monolithic. Certain jobs are exempted from these requirements. This article will go over some of the jobs that are exempted.

Deadly head-on collisions affect many Missouri families each year

Every year, some families are informed by law enforcement agencies here in Missouri and across the country that their loved ones died in car accidents. Some of those accidents are head-on collisions. In fact, three families were recently given the news that their loved ones died in such a crash. Another family was told that their loved one was injured in the same wreck.

Some tips for adolescent seasonal employment

With the summer coming up, the tradition of high school students working part-time or seasonal jobs is kicking off. This is a tradition that goes all the way back to when families began migrating to cities and schools began offering summer breaks. But it's important to remember that young workers are a specially protected group under the Fair Labor Standards Act (or "FLSA"). With these protections, youth workers cannot engage in certain jobs. This article will go over some of those restrictions.

Some drivers responsible for head-on collisions die in the crash

Sometimes it takes Missouri law enforcement officials longer to determine the factors behind a deadly crash because the driver believed responsible does not survive. Head-on collisions on highways are often extremely violent impacts due to the speeds at which both vehicles are traveling. It is not unusual for one or more people to die in these accidents, including the wrong-way driver.

Debunking myths about sexual harassment, pt. 2

Sexual harassment is a difficult problem to tackle because it involves complex human interactions that are difficult to break down and analyze after the fact. There are numerous factors that contribute to male and female interactions. As discussed in a prior article, there are several myths surrounding sexual harassment. This article will round out that list.

Tips for working outside in the winter, pt. 3

Spring is in the air, but cold snaps and harsh weather remains a real possibility. The CDC released some tips for working safely out in the elements. As discussed in a prior article, cold weather illnesses can sneak up on you. Vigilance and adherence to safety procedures are the key to ensuring that you and your co-workers don't suffer permanent damage. This article will discuss safety tips for the last two cold-related injuries listed by the CDC, trench foot and chilblains.

Some criminal cases in T-bone collisions are dismissed

When a family loses a loved one to the negligence of another driver in a T-bone collision, they might hope that the criminal justice system will provide some closure. However, criminal cases against drivers believed to have caused T-bone collisions do not always proceed as families, victims and Missouri prosecutors predict. If the court determines that a driver's actions do not rise to criminality, any charges filed against that person could be dismissed.

Tips for working outside in the winter, pt. 2

Frostbite is the second most common cold-based injury. As discussed in a prior article, winter brings with it a whole host of new and unexpected injuries. In addition to the increased risk of crashing your vehicle or getting a concussion slipping on some black ice, you also must contend with the elements. The human body can generate its own heat. However, it is a constant battle between you and the cold. This article will discuss the risks and treatments for frostbite.

Some tips on what to do after you lose a job pt. 2

Jobs serve as outside validation of self-worth. You are valued by your salary, wage, tips and bonuses. So, understandably, people tend to entwine their identities with their jobs. This is good because it motivates people to work harder but it is also bad because if you lose your job, it can be really traumatic. But you don't have time to mourn or find your inner worth; you have to take control because unemployment does not have to consume your life.

Decorated veteran doing a good deed dies in truck accident

Most of the men and women who put themselves in harms way to protect the United States do so with distinction. Surviving combat is about being able to come home to their families and enjoy the freedoms for which they fought. Few of them believe that their lives are just as much at risk on Missouri's roadways. This could be part of the reason why one decorated veteran who was recently killed in a truck accident did not hesitate to help another motorist.