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Understanding forms of sexual harassment in the workplace

Federal law has prohibited sexual harassment in the workplace for decades. However, harassment continues to be a problem in many work environments throughout the Kansas City area. You may understand that that an employer cannot request sexual favors from a worker in exchange for career advancement. Unwelcome sexual advances also constitute unlawful conduct in the workplace.

Recognizing some of the more subtle signs of discrimination

It is no secret that discrimination in the workplace is prohibited under federal and Missouri laws. When egregious acts of discrimination are allowed on the job -- whether in an office, in the service industry or in any other occupation -- most people are able to recognize the harmful conduct. Anyone who has suffered racial, religious or gender-based slurs and overt acts of discrimination are able to identify the discriminatory behavior. However, not all acts of discrimination are overt.

Protection for whistleblowers in the United States

Organizations may be unethical and corrupt, but this does not mean every individual working for them has a part to play. Some employees expose wrongdoing at their organization by whistleblowing. Whistleblowing is the exposure of information to internal or external sources by an employee, which proves something illegal, unethical, fraudulent or corrupt is going on within the organization.

Dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace

Most harassment victims feel powerless and find it difficult to protect themselves. The victims are often told that they must accept the situation and tolerate it. Sexual harassment at the workplace is a complicated issue. In some cases, employees might fear losing their job, which is why they stay quiet. If you are a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself.

Closure is not always easy after fatal drunk driving accidents

Closure could be elusive to those who have lost loved ones in the thousands of car crashes that happen each year across the country, including many that occur here in Missouri. Many drunk driving accidents end up in criminal courts. However, the inebriated driver might not get the sentence the family of the victim believes would provide them the closure they are seeking.