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What to do about harassment as a service employee

Both women and men who work in service-based positions may find themselves subject to sexual harassment by customers. Unlike harassment by other employees, which many companies are quick to address, this kind of harassment is often ignored. Many times, managers will shrug off even physical assault, such as unwanted touching of arms, butts or chests as flirting or otherwise harmless behavior. Service workers who repeatedly complain about this kind of treatment could be ignored or even punished by their employers for trying to protect their bodily autonomy and personal safety.

Home Depot to face sexual harassment lawsuit over murder

Most cases of sexual harassment end with either the victim or the harassers leaving the job or transferred to a different apartment. In one tragic case of harassment out of Illinois, job site sexual harassment escalated to the murder of a young woman. After initially having the case thrown out, the woman's family is now allowed to sue Home Depot for failing to take adequate action to protect their daughter.