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Managers can face punishment for workplace retaliation

Discrimination in the workplace is a very serious matter and while it has been getting much more attention lately, it is still a problem for many people. As an employee, you have the right to work in a safe place that is free from harassment and discrimination. Furthermore, you also have the right to make a complaint if you are experiencing such behavior. Unfortunately, many managers, even those in Kansas City, retaliate against employees that file complaints about discrimination.

Take these steps if you’re a victim of sexual harassment

Recently, workplace sexual harassment has been a hot button topic in the media. Victims of sexual harassment have been coming forward and demanding that the harassers take responsibility for their actions. While women and men both are speaking out against such abhorrent behavior, the necessary changes will take time to filter through every industry.

Segregation is still an issue in the service industry

In the restaurant industry, one thing that stands out is how women and minorities tend to get fewer promotions and work less desirable positions. There is occupational segregation as well, which means white individuals tend to enter into higher-paying fields in the service industry while those of color receive lower-paying jobs. One survey suggested that 58 percent of black individuals worked in the lowest-paid segment of the service industry, quick serve, while only around 26.6 percent of white people filled these low-paying jobs.