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The dangers of hernia mesh implants

When people are suffering from a hernia, there are several treatment options available to them. The type of treatment that they opt for might be chosen because of the location of the hernia or because of the ease of treatment. It is important that all people considering treatment for a hernia look into all of the possible options.

Getting bullied in school can affect students for years to come

One of the most amazing thing about humans is how different we are. Humans come in all shapes, sizes and colors and we all have unique talents and abilities, as well as weaknesses. Those differences are part of what allows us to create meaningful relationships and develop original ideas. The ways in which we differ from one another can make us all stronger as a species.

Taking Invokana could increase your risk of an amputation

Diabetes is a debilitating condition, and one that often worsens over time. Patients struggling with their diabetes diagnosis can face a whole host of frightening symptoms. In addition to dietary restrictions, the need to check blood glucose levels and take supplemental insulin, many people with diabetes experience dry mouth, frequent urination, blurry vision, increased risk of yeast infections and pain or numbness in the feet or legs.