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When is discipline from teachers in Missouri unlawful?

When your children come home from school and say that they are upset by the way they were treated by a teacher, it is likely that you will be unsure of how to react. Usually we trust teachers because they have authority over our children, and they have the responsibility to act with care and compassion, while giving out discipline when necessary. As a parent, it is important that you understand where the law stands when it comes to the behavior of school teachers in Missouri.

The difference between discrimination and harassment in Missouri

If you are a worker who has been made to feel uncomfortable in some way at work, it likely affected you to a large extent. If the behavior was repetitive or disturbing, you may find it more difficult to concentrate at work, dread coming into the workplace, or your mental health may have even suffered. The behavior might have also caused you to question whether you are valued in the job you are in or altered your career trajectory for the worse.