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What can you do after a failed hernia mesh surgery in Missouri?

People with hernias experience extreme pain and other medical complications. A hernia involves tearing or weakening of the muscle or tissue that surrounds the organs, which can lead to the organs pushing through. In severe cases, the pressure of pushing through can cut the herniated tissue off from blood supply, which can create severe medical issues.

Muslim women often face discrimination when job hunting

People searching for a new job or hoping to advance their careers shouldn't have to worry about unlawful discrimination from their employer or potential employers. Unfortunately, large portions of the population may face discrimination for characteristics that are protected under federal law. Even if they have the education and experience a job requires, employers may refuse to hire them for unrelated reasons.

Stalking in a workplace context needs to be addressed

Stalking is most commonly associated with cases of domestic violence. That is to say that many people think that stalking only takes place outside of workplace environments, and that it occurs as a result of a romantic relationship. While stalking is a common issue in domestic violence cases, it is also a problem in the workplace.

Is your child being bullied by a teacher?

Children go through many stages in early development and this requires them to form social relationships and learn many different skills at an incredible pace. This stage of development can lead to an environment where children bully other children or where they fall victim to being bullied themselves.