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Watch carefully for signs of hernia mesh complications

Although hernias are often associated with jobs that involve frequent, heavy lifting, anyone can suffer a hernia. A hernia is the result of pressure forcing an organ or other body tissue through a hole in the nearby muscle or connective tissue. Anything from pregnancy and obesity to constipation can result in hernias in some people. Hernias can get worse over time if not carefully treated.

4 types of in-school bullying

Are you worried that your child is getting bullied at school? When this happens, it can put your child in very real physical danger. It can also lead to issues like depression, falling grades and isolation.

Some industries suffer from higher levels of discrimination

Any employee in the United States can be subjected to discrimination in some form or another, and there are protections in place to deal with this discrimination. However, some industries are disproportionately affected. The service industry is one of these industries. Many workers in restaurants, bars and coffee shops, unfortunately, face different types of discrimination on levels that tend to be higher than workers in other industries.

Invokana can lead to amputations in diabetic patients

Patients turn to their doctor to find ways to manage medical conditions. The treatment plan is based on determining what conditions the person has and weighing the options for addressing them. For some patients, the treatment plan isn't without risks. There are some instances in which treating the underlying issues can put the patient in danger due to the side effects of drugs or procedures.