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Some key signs of workplace discrimination

If you are having a hard time at work because of rude or abusive coworkers (or management), you may be wondering what you did wrong to deserve such treatment. It is possible that you have spent a lot of time repeating situations over in your head to try and understand why a boss or coworker reacted in a certain way.

Invokana could increase your risk of a leg amputation

Most medications have at least a few known side effects. It is common for the side effects to range from mild issues, such as headache or nausea, to serious issues, such as debilitating pain, issues with motor function or even death. While many have touted the drug Invokana as revolutionary and beneficial for those with diabetes, the truth is far more complex.

Workplace harassment can sometimes look like bullying

Workplace discrimination and harassment can take many different forms. In some companies, it may look like an abject refusal to hire individuals of a specific racial background, religion or gender. The person in charge of making hiring or termination decisions may apply their personal biases to that process and discriminate against individuals for no valid reason.

People with diabetes could be at risk with SGLT2 inhibitors

When you have a potentially life-threatening illness such as diabetes, the last thing you want is for a medication to upset the delicate balance of your body's internal systems. If there is too much sugar in your blood, you could suffer from hyperglycemia. This could further develop into ketoacidosis.