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What a failed hernia mesh surgery means for your career

| Jan 13, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

A hernia can be quite painful until you receive adequate treatment. It can also reduce your strength and flexibility. It can be hard to stay on the job after suffering a hernia, especially if you do physically demanding work like cooking in a professional kitchen or working in a factory.

Workers may need to take a leave of absence until they have a hernia repair operation and will likely also need to take convalescent leave after the surgery. Sadly, for some individuals who undergo a hernia mesh operation, the procedure will fail.

The mesh might detach. The patient could develop adhesions near the surgery site. There’s also the risk of tissue nearby tearing or the mesh itself ripping. What will a failed hernia mesh surgery mean for your professional future?

A failed surgery will drastically increase your time off of work

You may have missed a month or more of work while waiting for your surgery and then another one to six weeks during your recovery. The more physically demanding your job is, the more fully healed you will need to be to return to work.

Whether you were back on the job for a few days or over a year before your mesh failed or complications arose, you will probably face another extended leave of absence.

Your failed hernia mesh procedure will necessitate a repair procedure in most cases. You may need to have at least one surgery to remove the defective hernia mesh and readdress the herniated tissue. That can mean a leave of absence after the mesh fails that continues for weeks after the procedure. 

A failed operation could increase the impact of your hernia

In a situation where a hernia mesh failure involves tearing or bowel perforation, the prognosis for recovery may worsen. The damage to the tissue and weakness near the site of the operation may limit your lifting and bending capabilities for a significant period, if not for the rest of your life. Chronic pain could also become an issue that affects your ability to work.

Those trying to estimate the financial costs they have suffered because of a failed hernia mesh surgery should absolutely not overlook the lost hours on the job and reduced earning potential because of their physical condition.


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