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Understanding your rights as a worker

You found a new job after moving to Missouri or Kansas, and you thought everything was going to be great. Shortly after you started, you began to notice that you were being treated differently than other employees. You weren't sure why until a coworker suggested it might be because you're a woman.

Sexual harassment can result in physical and emotional damage

Recently, some top names in Hollywood have been in the news, accused of sexual harassment. The fall of a high-profile producer launched the #metoo movement, with women all over the world coming forward with their own stories of sexual harassment and assault. While the fight against this kind of behavior seems to be gaining strength, the reality is that sexual harassment in the workplace is nothing new. It has been occurring for many years, even in Kansas City, leaving victims suffering the emotional and physical effects.

Parents can help reduce the risk of sexual abuse at school

Parents send their children off to school to improve their lives and grow their minds. Most teachers respect the trust that parents place in them and do their best to shape the children in their care into more intelligent, mature and thoughtful humans. Unfortunately, there are some people, including teachers, custodians and other professionals, who seek out positions at schools to have access to children and teens. These predators may use their proximity or authority to sexually abuse the children in their care.

Sexual harassment is a common side effect of holiday parties

Halloween is almost here. Some companies, including professional offices, service industry companies and even restaurants may have dress-up days and staff holiday parties. Even if Halloween doesn't warrant a party, chances are there's some kind of winter holiday celebration. It's always fun to get to interact with your co-workers in a less professional setting or in unusual or fun outfits. However, the break from routine can also present certain issues.

Sexual harassment is prevalent in service industry jobs

If you work a service industry job, you know that "appropriate behavior" is often much more flexible than in a traditional office workplace. However, while professionalism may look different in the service industry than it does in the corporate world, every worker deserves a safe workplace free from sexual harassment.

Does online harassment count as workplace harassment?

Your workplace is quiet, civil and organized. People don't even talk to each other all that much, just nodding to say hello on the way through the rows of desks. If someone stood in the hall and watched you work, they'd see very minimal interaction, and what they did see would appear normal and even friendly.