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Car Accidents Archives

Closure is not always easy after fatal drunk driving accidents

Closure could be elusive to those who have lost loved ones in the thousands of car crashes that happen each year across the country, including many that occur here in Missouri. Many drunk driving accidents end up in criminal courts. However, the inebriated driver might not get the sentence the family of the victim believes would provide them the closure they are seeking.

Many head-on collisions happen when a driver crosses the line

Many highways here in Missouri and elsewhere do not have medians between the opposing lanes of travel. The only thing keeping drivers in their lanes is a line along the center of the roadway. Unfortunately, many head\-on collisions happen when a driver crosses this line into oncoming traffic.

Fires, deaths and injuries can result from rollover accidents

What happens to a vehicle and its occupants during a crash in which a vehicle flips is unpredictable. For example, some people survive rollover accidents with injuries that range from minor to severe, and some do not survive at all. This might be best illustrated by a crash that recently took place on 291-Highway here in Missouri.

Hit-and-run accidents are sometimes intentional

Most people do not use vehicles as weapons. Even so, some hit\-and\-run accidents are intentional. When authorities find the drivers involved in these types of crashes -- whether they occur here in Missouri or elsewhere -- those drivers could face murder charges along with civil suits filed by the victims and/or the families of the victims.

T-bone collisions can result in unrelated consequences

Motor vehicle crashes do not happen in a vacuum. In addition to the losses incurred by those involved and their families, head-on, rear-end and T-bone collisions -- among other accidents -- often affect people who otherwise have nothing to do with the crash. For instance, a recent accident here in Missouri left approximately one thousand homes without power until approximately 8:30 a.m. the morning following it.

Survivors of head-on collisions often have serious injuries

Surviving accidents anywhere in the country -- including here in Missouri -- depends on many factors, and in some cases, some people would even say that luck plays a part. However, many head-on collisions result in such intense impacts that many people lose their lives in them. If vehicle occupants are lucky enough to survive, they often suffer serious injuries.

Drunk driving accidents: Missouri parents lose children in wreck

Every weekday morning during the school year, parents across Missouri send their children off to school with the expectation that they will come home at the end of the day. Sadly, not all children make it home. Some of them are killed in drunk driving accidents while they are waiting for their school buses.

Driver in single car and rollover accidents could be unclear

Identifying the driver believed to be responsible for a crash is crucial for many reasons, the least of which is to ensure that the final report is correct. It is also important in order to ensure that the right party faces criminal charges and/or civil claims in a Missouri court, if any are contemplated. The problem is that in some single car and rollover accidents, it could be a challenge to determine who was the driver and who was a passenger.

Rear-end collisions can lead to head-on collisions

It can be easy for Missouri drivers to become complacent behind the wheel, which could make them less attentive. If drivers are not paying adequate attention to the road and other vehicles, they might not be prepared to stop when needed and could run into the back of the car ahead of them. It is under these circumstances that some rear-end collisions can become head-on collisions as well.

Arrests after drunk driving accidents might not be enough

If a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a car, everyone on the road is in danger. When drunk driving accidents in Missouri or elsewhere occur, the impaired drivers are often arrested at the scenes and charged. However, for the seriously injured and the families of victims who die in these crashes, arrests might not be enough.

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