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Should I accept a severance package?

Sometimes, an employer may offer you a severance package when he or she terminates your employment. While we’ve all heard of the company executive who accepts the golden parachute and comfortably lands on his or her feet, not all severance

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A few facts you should know about sexual harassment

All workers deserve to have a good working environment. There are some aspects of job locations that can’t be controlled, but others, like the actions of workers, can be controlled. One thing that no worker should ever have to deal

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Was your child sexually abused at camp or in sports?

Most parents enroll their children in summer camp or extracurricular activities to help improve their social skills and encourage active bodies and minds. Most of the time, children benefit greatly from having unique and engaging experiences at sleepaway camp or

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4 subtle ways workers could face discrimination

Experts warn that workplace discrimination isn’t as obvious as it used to be. While this is good on some fronts — officials have passed laws to reduce discrimination, and they’ve had an effect — that doesn’t mean the discrimination has

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Women in technology industry subjected to harassment

If you are a woman working in a male-dominated industry, chances are good that at some point in your career trajectory, you have experienced sexual harassment and/or discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination can sometimes be subtle, such as not being

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Employers should protect workers against customer harassment

When people talk about workplace sexual harassment, most people think about employers and managers harassing staff. While this form of harassment is common (and illegal), it is also very common for service workers to get subjected to harassment by customers

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How do I prove quid pro quo sexual harassment?

“Quid pro quo” sexual harassment uses terminology from ancient Latin that means “something for something.” As such, quid pro quo harassment refers to an instance where a superior offers something in exchange for a sexual favor. Quid pro quo harassment

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Problems with hernia mesh implant? You have options

The pain and problems that are associated with hernias lead people to seek medical care for this condition. In some cases, the doctor who handles the case might say that the patient needs a hernia mesh implant. While these are

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5 signs of age discrimination on the job

You just had your 50th birthday party. Some of your co-workers congratulated you. It wasn’t a big deal, but one of them brought a cupcake into work. You know it’s a significant milestone. However, as much as those workers embraced

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5 signs you may be experiencing workplace bullying

Workplace bullying can create a hostile work environment and even drive employees out of a job entirely. It goes beyond merely having a co-worker you don’t like — you’re not going to be friends with everyone — and reaches into

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