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We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

The legal definition of discrimination

To discriminate is an action that means to make a distinction between one thing and another. Everyone, therefore, discriminates every day. For example, we may make a distinction between taking the bus and using the car, and, as a result,

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Understanding quid pro quo sexual harassment cases

It’s common for people to be put off by the phrase “quid pro quo” because they do not understand what it means. The term is a Latin phrase that directly translates to “something for something else.” Its meaning is simple.

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Were you discriminated against based on age?

In theory, older individuals seeking employment or promotions are protected from discrimination by federal and often state laws. In practice, however, age discrimination still occurs with alarming regularity. In 2016, for instance, there were 20,857 age discrimination complaints that were

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Woman wins $6 million in discrimination suit

Everyone should be judged on their jobs by the quality of their work. Unfortunately, in far too many instances, managerial biases and prejudices exert unfair influence over the hiring and promotional practices of a business. Because of that, there is

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Common signs of age discrimination in the workplace

Job applicants and employees should be judged by employers based purely on their merits for a specific role. This means that irrelevant factors such as age, race, national origin, gender or sexual orientation should never be considered. While there are

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How to break through a glass ceiling at work

A glass ceiling in the workplace isn’t something you can actually see. Instead, it’s the invisible and difficult-to-break-down barrier that keeps individuals, such as women and minorities, from rising through the ranks of the corporate ladder. Despite the proper qualifications,

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Fighting against workplace discrimination as a Muslim

Your choice of religion should never have an impact on your experiences and opportunities in the workplace. This is a right that is protected through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Everyone has a personal standpoint when

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Examples of age discrimination in the workplace

Age discrimination can be difficult to identify and to prove. You may have a suspicion that your age has held you back from progressing in your career, but you may also feel unsure of whether you were discriminated against. Age

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5 steps to take after workplace discrimination

If you feel that you’ve been a victim of discrimination in the workplace, it’s critical to learn more about your legal rights and the steps you can take to protect them. Despite federal and state laws in place to protect

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