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Social Media Searches Leading to Employment Discrimination?

Today, Missouri employers are using social media searches to make hiring decisions. However, both the Federal and Missouri employment discrimination acts prohibit certain questions, including questions regarding pregnancy and family planning.

Obesity Discrimination in Missouri Employment

Obese individuals suffer unusually high degrees of discrimination in some form or another. One study reported that 28 percent of severely obese men and 45 percent of severely obese women said they had experienced discrimination because of their weight.

Call Center Reps Seek Compensation for Unpaid Overtime

Call center facilities around the country are receiving a wake-up call regarding allegations that they typically require their workers to work overtime without pay or to come to work early to perform work tasks before beginning their pay shifts. A class action suit was recently filed in Columbia, Missouri, alleging that State Farm Insurance had required its workers to come in early without compensation to do tasks to prepare them for making calls.