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Medical Malpractice Archives

Pharmacist and doctor errors with medications can be dangerous

Many Missouri residents rely on medications to control chronic conditions. If they contract another illness or suffer some other sort of injury, they might need a different medication to help them recover. When it comes to medications, pharmacist and doctor errors can have dangerous repercussions for patients.

Cosmetic surgery errors can cause more than physical injuries

Missouri residents who undergo cosmetic surgery generally do so in order to correct either what they perceive to be a flaw or a disfigurement from a genetic disorder or accident. When the surgery goes well, it can improve a patient's physical appearance and psychological well-being. Unfortunately, when cosmetic surgery errors occur, they can leave a patient with physical and psychological injuries.

What leads a doctor to a misdiagnosis?

One source estimates that around 98,000 people die from an incorrect medical diagnosis each year. A medical liability insurance company, MMIC Group, reviewed claims it received between 2010 and 2013. Of the 2,000 claims reviewed, 313 were attributed to misdiagnosis. The question that may be on the minds of Missouri readers is why doctors fail to properly diagnose a patient's condition.

Some Missouri medical patients suffer from doctor errors

A Missouri medical patient has the right to reasonably assume that doctors and nurses will conduct themselves according to the highest level of safety standards when treating him or her during a physical examination, surgery or other form of medical care. Doctor errors sometimes cause injury or illness for patients who depended on them for appropriate treatment. When medical staff members fail to meet their obligation to protect patient safety, the outcome can be disastrous for those involved.

A misdiagnosis can have serious or deadly consequences

Missouri patients rely on doctors to take the time to correctly diagnose their conditions quickly so that they may be treated and, hopefully, cured before an illness or injury becomes more serious -- or even deadly. A misdiagnosis early in the process could also preclude the use of less invasive treatments, which may mean that a patient's treatment options become more limited. More importantly, the patient could end up permanently disabled or dead due to a doctor's error.

Failure to diagnose leads to $5.6 million award to cancer patient

Missouri residents who experience medical problems that are unfamiliar to them may experience high levels of anxiety. Most people rely on medical professionals to accurately diagnose and treat their conditions. Failure to diagnose dreaded diseases such as cancer may lead to devastating results. Modern medical technology allows for accurate diagnoses, yet many cases of failure to diagnose continue to occur.

Family files lawsuits over allegations of nursing home neglect

As our loved ones age and become more frail, the question of how to take care of them may loom large. If a specialized facility is under consideration, the question of protecting a family member from nursing home neglect may be a major concern. Residents in Missouri who are facing this decision may desire to carefully research any potential placement, though that may not always be enough.

Cosmetic surgery errors may prove difficult to prove in a claim

While a Missouri cosmetic surgery patient may be unsatisfied with the ultimate results of a procedure, he or she will first have to prove that other professionals in this field would have produced better results. For a medical malpractice claim against a cosmetic surgeon to be viable, negligence has to be proved. If, for example, a problem such as an abnormal bone structure that could not have been anticipated becomes apparent during surgery, the surgeon has to cope with the situation in the best way possible. If chances are that other surgeons would also have been unaware of the problem prior to surgery, it may not be seen as negligent, and the result may not constitute cosmetic surgery errors.

Doctor errors in pharmacy allegedly cause woman's overdose death

No one ever expects that they are going to die at the hands of another person -- especially a medical physician who has spent years of his or her life in medical school. Doctors are expected to know what they are doing and to provide adequate care. However, doctor errors are made. Unfortunately, those errors can result in the untimely death of individuals in Missouri and across the rest of the nation.

Family suspects nursing home neglect after health deterioration

One of the most difficult decisions that Missouri family members must make is when they decide to put a loved one in an assisted living facility or nursing home. They worry that their loved one will not be treated and cared for appropriately. This is especially true with as many individuals as there are who suffer from elder abuse and nursing home neglect every year. For one family, the realization of this is all too real.

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