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Posts tagged "Settlement"

Doctor errors may have led to one man's disabling heart attack

February brings to light issues of the heart between American Heart Month and Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. Drawing awareness to reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues, February spotlights taking charge of heart health. Heart disease and health issues continue to pervade the nation and people in Missouri, bringing a host of problems to victims and loved ones. Recently, one man suffered a heart attack, allegedly due to doctor errors, and subsequently filed a medical malpractice claim in the aftermath.

School pays $68K to settle dispute over wrongful termination

When an employee has to be absent from their employment, the absence generally has to be accounted for through accumulated employee leave or some other type of benefit such as FMLA. There are several reasons an employee would require a leave of absence from their employment, and a common reason is for maternity leave. When an employee uses justified leave, the Kansas or Missouri employer cannot hold the maternity time against the employee or a termination may be considered a wrongful termination based upon pregnancy discrimination.

Wrongful termination of Omeros whistleblower cost almost $4 million

Wrongful termination is illegal...and can cost a pretty penny. When a Missouri employee is the victim of wrongful termination, the employee may be entitled to financial compensation such as back pay and potentially employment-related compensation, including nonmonetary damages such as reinstatement.

Employee harassment lawsuit reaches Kansas

Large companies often have multiple locations throughout the United States. Some of the locations are directly owned by the company and others are franchise locations. Either way, the actions of a company in one location can directly impact the locations in other states. This happened to a large company who was sued for employee harassment in another state, but the impact of the lawsuit can effect employment in Kansas.

St. Louis restaurant employee groped by supervisor settles for $23,000

Working in a restaurant can be a stressful job. Working in a restaurant often means working busy hours and very late shifts. Not only do they have to deal with everything that can go wrong in the back of the house, but ensuring that the "customer is always right" requires some finesse. Restaurant employees have to put up with a lot of things, but sexual harassment should never be one of them.

Tennis coach reaches $710,000 settlement after termination

In 2010, the head coach for the women's Ball State tennis team was terminated. She had coached the team for just under 21 years before allegations were made that she had committed NCAA rules violations. The school claimed in 2009 that she committed six "major" infractions, which they voluntarily reported to the NCAA. These accusations acted as the basis for the school's decision to fire the tennis coach.

Wolfgang Puck's wage and hour violation suit settled for $500K

Wage and hour disputes can occur in almost any workplace, including ones in Missouri, Kansas and any other state. The famous chef Wolfgang Puck has been involved in a wage and hour dispute lawsuit that was recently finalized in a settlement.

Employer penalized with $260,000 settlement for unequal pay

Sexual harassment and workplace discrimination often go hand in hand. Employees who endure sexual harassment are often the same employees that are discriminated against by their employer. The term sexual harassment encompasses a variety of actions, all of which include an employee enduring unwelcomed based on his or her gender.

Sexual harassment lawsuit against employer settled for $150,000

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal and often under reported. It is difficult to report sexual harassment due to the stigma sometimes associated with reporting the harassment and also the embarrassment that some victims feel when retelling the incident. Sexual harassment is illegal in Missouri, but for any action to be taken, the victim is must report the incident.

Employers charged with workplace discrimination, Part 1

Usually the term workplace discrimination refers to discriminatory actions by an employer against an employee. Most discussions about this topic focus on the toll the discrimination takes on the employee and whether the employee was able to prevail in a related lawsuit. Since these topics are very pertinent to Missouri employment matters, the topic of the employer's cost for workplace discrimination is often overshadowed.

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