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Doctor errors in pharmacy allegedly cause woman's overdose death

No one ever expects that they are going to die at the hands of another person -- especially a medical physician who has spent years of his or her life in medical school. Doctors are expected to know what they are doing and to provide adequate care. However, doctor errors are made. Unfortunately, those errors can result in the untimely death of individuals in Missouri and across the rest of the nation.

Doctor errors may occur more in afternoon in Missouri

A medical professional can make a mistake at any time of the day, which is why he or she should always be vigilant and alert. However, despite one's best efforts, a doctor can still make a mistake that causes harm to a patient in Missouri. A recently released study suggests that doctors may be more likely to make a mistake on prescriptions during the afternoon. These types of doctor errors can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit in some cases.

Jury awards $2.3M to patient who suffered from doctor errors

When a person becomes ill and requires medical attention, he or she likely turns to an individual who has had years of schooling to help them timely and correctly diagnose a condition. Whether it is a nurse, doctor or other health care provider, a patient in Missouri typically puts his or her full trust into the ability of that provider. Unfortunately, though, human error can occur. A man from another state recently took his claims of doctor errors to court and won.

Alleged doctor errors result in unnecessary eye surgeries

Eye surgery is supposed to help individuals in Missouri who have poor vision to improve their ability to see. Unfortunately, doctor errors may occur and result in complications. A woman is suing an optometry clinic after she said she had to reportedly undergo unnecessary surgeries.

Doctor errors capped by malpractice caps in Missouri House bill

In 2012 the Supreme Court of Missouri declared the state's $350,000 cap of jury awards for "pain and suffering" in medical malpractice cases unconstitutional, saying the law violates a patient's right to a jury trial. The Court held that constitutionally only juries can declare the amount of damages. After that decision, there have been no caps on damages awards in medical malpractice cases in Missouri. Such awards compensate for doctor errors, and negligence by hospitals and other healthcare workers.

Doctor errors may have led to one man's disabling heart attack

February brings to light issues of the heart between American Heart Month and Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. Drawing awareness to reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues, February spotlights taking charge of heart health. Heart disease and health issues continue to pervade the nation and people in Missouri, bringing a host of problems to victims and loved ones. Recently, one man suffered a heart attack, allegedly due to doctor errors, and subsequently filed a medical malpractice claim in the aftermath.

Girl dies due to doctor errors after routine dental procedure?

Medical doctors, nurses and other health care providers are responsible for the safety and well-being of those entrusted to their care in Missouri. Medical procedures and medication protocols are constantly changing, which requires a significant commitment to continuing education by all in the medical community. When doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes, disastrous consequences can result. Recently, a family in another state experienced one such tragedy due to doctor errors.

Doctor errors: determining the proper prevention and action

Medical errors due to negligence are an unfortunate commonality today. There are ways to prevent doctor errors, however, and there are steps that can be taken by Missouri residents in the event that they do occur. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Patient Safety, medical errors are third in line behind cancer and heart disease as the leading cause of death for Americans.

Missouri doctor errors liability lifted for health care volunteer

Volunteer health services are one way for people to make a difference, touch a life and to learn while helping others. Unfortunately, liability insurance prices created a barrier for retired doctors and others in the health care sector to provide volunteer services within their communities. Recently, Missouri legislators reinstated the Volunteer Health Services Act in an effort to waive the liability associated with medical malpractice or doctor errors for volunteers.

Communication Problems Between Primary and ER Docs Contribute to Medical Errors

In today's modern health care system, primary care referrals, insurance restrictions, and crowded waiting rooms are common. While doctor-patient relationships and communication have been the subject of study, doctor-doctor communications have been less so. This past March, the National Institute for Health Care Reform (NIHCR) found that doctor-doctor communications are also key to reducing serious doctor errors and improving outcomes.

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