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Could honoring the right to vote cost one worker her job?

The right to vote is something that our country has valued from the beginning. When even the idea of America was just beginning to form, it was about freedom and democracy. It was about the ability to have the right as a group of citizens to vote not only on those who will run their country, but on the decisions that could significantly alter the way that the country is run.

Computer software rejecting applicants based on age, race?

Technology has helped make our lives easier, especially in the workplace. Computers have become a staple in offices in Missouri and pretty much everywhere else across the world. Computers have the ability to analyze data in a matter of seconds when it once took a human being with their own opinions and beliefs several hours or even days to complete a similar task.

ACLU fights for fired Walmart employee with brain tumor

Walmart is one of the largest employers in the nation, which is why it is no surprise that they are often in the news. The company employs tens of thousands of people in Missouri and across the nation, and it usually does not have a hard time finding applicants, but it certainly does not mean that they can violate employee rights.

More people finding jobs, but the money problems remain

Unemployment has hit hard in the past few years. There have been spurts of layoffs in which many people were forced out of their positions. Thankfully, many have found new jobs, but the income is at level that falls far short of their previous job. In fact, only 56 percent of those who lost their jobs in the period between January 2009 and December 2011 were able to return to the workforce. Out of these individuals, more than 50 percent brought in a lower salary than before, and one third of them took a 20 percent pay cut.

Employee suffers retaliation for questioning racial actions

We see many commercials about kindness. We teach our children about standing up for their classmates. So much of our focus these days is about reaching out to those in need and celebrating good deeds. So why can't we seem to do the same in the workplace?

Update: Kansas employers required to post employee rights

Employee rights are protections that are afforded to all employees, but are not always known or understood by all employees. In an effort to remedy this disparity, the National Labor Relations Board proposed a rule in December 2010 that would require employers to post employee rights notices. This rule will impact the actions of Missouri and Kansas employers who are under the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Act.

Workers terminated after protesting with jumpsuit orange shirts

How far an employer can go in setting workplace rules is the central issue of a current Deerfield Beach, Florida lawsuit. This case has implications for employers in that city, Kansas City, Pittsburg, and cities across the nation because it relates to employee rights standards strongly protected by the National Labor Relations Act. Under the NLRA, employees are protected against hostile workplace environments and firing actions if those conditions occur due to employees protesting against employer rules, unreasonable restrictions or punitive actions. In this case, firings were levied only on employees who were wearing prison orange colored shirts to protest tightened restrictions like a ban against speaking with fellow workers over a cubicle wall.

Kansas employers required to post employee rights

Employee rights are designed to provide employees with certain rights and responsibilities in association with their employment. Employee rights are only useful if the rights are exercised by the employee and the employer. This becomes an issue when many employees are unaware of their employee rights or do not know how to find out information about their rights. This issue was recently addressed and impacts Kansas employees and their employers.

2013 budget request includes millions for OSHA whistleblower fund

For workers in Kansas, Missouri and across the nation, employee rights are extremely important. One of these rights protects an employee who wants to report illegal or unfair treatment against the employee or co-workers. Like a referee in a sporting event, the employee is "blowing the whistle" on illegal behaviors.

Employee rights the focus of several Missouri bills

Missouri lawmakers continue to keep employee rights as the topic of the day as opinions differ in the push to make Missouri a "right to work" state. Right to work laws are allowed under the federal 1947 Taft-Hartley Act. Right to work laws regulate or prohibit agreements made between employers and labor unions that would condition employment on worker participation in the union or require union dues or fees.

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