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Some tips for adolescent seasonal employment

With the summer coming up, the tradition of high school students working part-time or seasonal jobs is kicking off. This is a tradition that goes all the way back to when families began migrating to cities and schools began offering summer breaks. But it's important to remember that young workers are a specially protected group under the Fair Labor Standards Act (or "FLSA"). With these protections, youth workers cannot engage in certain jobs. This article will go over some of those restrictions.

Tips for working outside in the winter, pt. 3

Spring is in the air, but cold snaps and harsh weather remains a real possibility. The CDC released some tips for working safely out in the elements. As discussed in a prior article, cold weather illnesses can sneak up on you. Vigilance and adherence to safety procedures are the key to ensuring that you and your co-workers don't suffer permanent damage. This article will discuss safety tips for the last two cold-related injuries listed by the CDC, trench foot and chilblains.

Tips for working outside in the winter, pt. 2

Frostbite is the second most common cold-based injury. As discussed in a prior article, winter brings with it a whole host of new and unexpected injuries. In addition to the increased risk of crashing your vehicle or getting a concussion slipping on some black ice, you also must contend with the elements. The human body can generate its own heat. However, it is a constant battle between you and the cold. This article will discuss the risks and treatments for frostbite.

Information you need to file for unemployment benefits

Everyone falls on hard times at some point. Some people are fortunate to have friends and family to support them and others are grateful for government support. One of these support programs is unemployment insurance. Most employers must pay into the unemployment insurance fund. This is what allows workers to get temporary benefits while they search for new a job. Unfortunately, fraudulent claims are a serious problem for these funds. This article will go over the information you need to access unemployment benefits and how you can avoid fraud.

Tips for working outside in the winter, pt. 1

You are entitled to a generally safe work environment, as enshrined by OSHA and other similar laws. This means that your employer must take reasonable steps to ensure your safety and to address danger areas. Usually this means providing safety goggles and putting up warning signs. But, during the winter this can become more involved. Working outside in the winter is dangerous, everyone knows that. The CDC has released guidelines addressing the more common winter-based injuries and illnesses and how to address them. This article is going to go over a few of the dangers, how you can minimize them and how your employer can help.

Is America ready for paid family leave?

The United States occupies many first place positions in the world, most powerful military, biggest economy and most influential culture. However, there is one place it sits dead last, paid family leave from work. The U.S. is the only developed economy not to require paid family leave. Families every day are forced into impossible choices between caring for a sick child or elderly parent and going to work. For most of these workers, missing work is not an option. This article will discuss these numbers, how it affects you and explore any trends signaling a shift in perspective.

Construction workers have a right to a safe workplace

Ensuring that construction sites and other workplaces are as safe as possible is a lofty, but worthwhile ambition. In 1970, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was conceived as an entity to investigate improper workplace safety and to promulgate minimum safety regulations. OSHA enforces regulations related to many aspects of workplace safety. There are a variety of areas of compliance to which employers must adhere, including the following:

  • Keeping employees informed of their rights.
  • Training employees on proper safety procedures for handling dangerous materials or while engaging in hazardous tasks.
  • Removing recognized dangers from the workplace.
  • Providing workers with the proper gear to perform tasks safely when it is not possible to effectively remove a hazard from a work site. The safety gear should be provided to the workers free of charge.
  • Keeping documentation pertaining to job-related injuries suffered by workers.
  • Posting lists documenting OSHA citations and injuries.

Do you have rights as a temporary employee?

If you are a temporary employee, your status is typically different from if you were seasonal. Temporary employees, or "temps," are typically hired as a stopgap to temporarily replace a worker that suddenly left or is temporarily on leave. This post will go over the factors that go into being a temp. Hopefully, you will be better armed to discern the difference between temporary and full-time employment.

Tips on keeping those work-related New Year's resolutions

That time of year is upon us again: the time to make resolutions. And six months from now the time to realize that no one has met them yet, except that one person on Facebook. What this article hopes to address is to give some tips on how to turn those lofty ideals into manageable steps.

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