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You have the right to feel safe at work

In Missouri, many employees endure working conditions that are far from ideal. No job is perfect, yet you should still be able to go to work knowing that you can expect fair treatment and a safe working environment. However, even these things are not available to everyone and many workers deal with hostility, hazards and unfair treatment every day of their working lives.

Former employee alleges racial discrimination

In Missouri, all too many workers endure breaches of their rights as employees every day at work. Sadly, there are many employers who take advantage of their employees, or treat them unfairly. Sometimes it is a case of paying them too little or requiring them to work longer hours than is legal. In other cases, employers favor certain employees for reasons that are irrelevant to the job.

Knowing your rights can help you get the most from your job

Most workers in Pennsylvania know that they have certain rights as an employee. However, not everyone realizes how far these rights extend, or how to defend them if they are being breached. You may be too worried about getting onto the wrong side of your employer and potentially losing your job. Even though retaliatory discharge is illegal, it still happens all too often and deters many employees from standing up for the fair treatment they deserve.

What happens if jury duty means missing work?

As most employees in Michigan know, there are many things that can take you out of work for a while, such as falling prey to a serious illness or suffering an injury. Births, deaths and family matters can also cause you to need a few days off here and there. However, one more thing that many people forget about, however, is jury duty.

What are your privacy rights at work?

As most workers in Missouri are aware, you have a number of rights as an employee and you should be able to expect to have these respected. Sadly, all too many people throughout the state and indeed across the U.S. endure a breach of their employee rights every day at work. Some are underpaid, others suffer harassment or discrimination while others are forced to cover excessive hours or work in an unsafe environment.

Know your rights as an employee

Every employee in Missouri has certain rights that his or her employer and colleagues are obliged to respect. Sadly, this does not always happen and countless workers suffer unfair treatment and a hostile work environment every day in their place of employment. This situation is unacceptable yet it regularly is allowed to continue simply because the victims of this mistreatment are unaware of their rights or fear retaliation if they speak up about the problem.

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