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Wrongful Termination Archives

Chiefs sued for age discrimination

The Kansas City Chiefs organization is facing an age discrimination lawsuit filed by a former maintenance manager for the organization. The man, who worked for the Chiefs for 12 years, claims wrongful termination in connection with his dismissal from employment two years ago. He alleges that although he received good performance evaluations and no complaints about his work performance, he was fired and replaced by a younger worker.The former employee's attorney is seeking to establish at trial that the Chiefs' former general manager, Scott Pioli, micro-managed every aspect of the Arrowhead Stadium complex, including which people were present when the team practiced. The trial is expected to take two weeks to complete. After it concludes, the Chiefs organization will face other age discrimination claims that are pending.

'Macho Culture' another way of saying gender discrimination

The term "gender discrimination" often evokes an image of a woman getting passed up for a promotion, having her hours cut after taking maternity leave, being described as too emotional in performance reviews and many other adverse employment actions. While the term may feel like it applies to women, it certainly isn't an exclusive one under Missouri law or federal laws.

School pays $68K to settle dispute over wrongful termination

When an employee has to be absent from their employment, the absence generally has to be accounted for through accumulated employee leave or some other type of benefit such as FMLA. There are several reasons an employee would require a leave of absence from their employment, and a common reason is for maternity leave. When an employee uses justified leave, the Kansas or Missouri employer cannot hold the maternity time against the employee or a termination may be considered a wrongful termination based upon pregnancy discrimination.

Even 'belligerent' employee entitled to earned compensation

When an employee is terminated from their employment, a company often tries to make it short and uneventful. Sometimes when an employee is terminated in such a manner, the employee may not receive their entitled wage compensation for all final hours worked for the employer. If the employee is fired for protected reasons in Missouri, the employee may have a cause of action for wrongful termination and an additional cause of action for failure to pay.

Kansas City employees left with decision over who goes

There is a lot of downsizing going on in the job market, and employees at every level are the ones that are being let go. The decision of who to terminate involves a lot of different factors, but management usually makes the determination and the employee has little say in the matter.

Flight attendant's migraines the basis of wrongful termination?

Everyone gets sick, but what if the illness begins to interfere with the ability to perform a job? When an employee is sick at work and needs special accommodations to perform his or her duties, can the employee be fired? When an employee is terminated in Kansas and the termination is related to a medical condition the termination may constitute a wrongful termination.

Update: Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination case rejected

The termination of Desperate Housewives actress Nicollette Sheridan made national headlines as the resulting wrongful termination lawsuit unraveled. As indicated in previous post, the presiding judge over the lawsuit determined Nicollette Sheridan was not wrongfully terminated. The district court decision was not the end of this ongoing dispute.

College cover-up exposed in whistleblower's wrongful termination

Being a whistleblower in Kansas or Missouri -- an employee who reports illegal or wrongdoings of their employer -- is not an easy decision. When an employee decides to act as a whistleblower, the employee may be placing his or her own employment in jeopardy for a greater good, a risk that the law attempts to protect them from. Many times a whistleblower is terminated by their employer and may need to file a wrongful termination lawsuit to rectify the situation.

Wrongful termination of Omeros whistleblower cost almost $4 million

Wrongful termination is illegal...and can cost a pretty penny. When a Missouri employee is the victim of wrongful termination, the employee may be entitled to financial compensation such as back pay and potentially employment-related compensation, including nonmonetary damages such as reinstatement.

Was the Tuscan cruise ship captain wrongfully terminated?

Does an error at work necessarily mean termination in Missouri? Maybe? When an employee makes an error, there is always the possibility of termination, but the termination cannot be based off of something that would qualify it as a wrongful termination. A wrongful termination is a termination that is unlawful because it was based on discrimination or another prohibited labor action. To determine if an employment termination constitutes a wrongful termination, the determination is made based on the specific circumstances of the termination.

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