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What is the line between teaching and advocating?

For teachers, their students are almost like their own children. Teachers work hard to help prepare students for more than just being able to recite the important dates of the civil war or know that e=mc2. Teachers want to help their students learn how to use their critical thinking skills, to ask questions and to stand up for what they believe in.

Could tardiness lead to a wrongful termination claim?

When an employee is terminated from their employment, the termination may occur for many reasons. If the reason for the employee's termination is in violation of an overriding law, the employee's termination may be considered a wrongful termination. Although Missouri laws provide for at-will employment, employment can also be based on an employment contract. In either case, if labor or employment laws are violated, an employee has a right to seek legal action.

Wrongful termination for religious beliefs can occur in Missouri

Missouri is an employment at will state. The employment at will doctrine allows employers and employees to terminate the employment relationship at any time and for any reason that does not violate a related law. An example of a related law that effects the employment at will doctrine is a law that provides protection based on personal characteristics.

Creator testifies killed-off Edie Britt was 'desperate' for lovers

It is the eighth and final season for the popular television show "Desperate Housewives" watched by fans all across the nation, including Kansas and Missouri. For many of the show's actors and actresses they are looking back on eight great years full of memories as they count down to the final episode.