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Know your rights as an employee

Every employee in Missouri has certain rights that his or her employer and colleagues are obliged to respect. Sadly, this does not always happen and countless workers suffer unfair treatment and a hostile work environment every day in their place of employment. This situation is unacceptable yet it regularly is allowed to continue simply because the victims of this mistreatment are unaware of their rights or fear retaliation if they speak up about the problem.

Can I keep my employee benefits after a job loss in Missouri?

Some Missouri workers may worry about losing their health care and retirement benefits after they are separated from their employment or even just had a significant reduction in their hours. But there are federal laws in place to help workers protect their access to benefits after experiencing a job loss.

Black Friday sales shouldn't cancel out employee rights

Black Friday is a day of great sales. It is also a day that poses a great danger to workers. As droves of shoppers show up at stores to score great deals on merchandise, employees are in danger of being trampled by the crowds. This fact hasn't gone unnoticed by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Under a general duty clause, OSHA issued a fine of $7,000 against big box retailer Walmart after a worker was killed during the store's Black Friday sales.