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Posts tagged "workplace discrimination"

You are entitled to a fair hiring process

The prohibition against workplace discrimination is slightly misleading because these protections begin before you start and extend after you leave work. Anti-discrimination laws prohibit the prejudicing of any employee or job applicant because of their race, color, religion or culture in regard to any condition or privilege of employment.

Breaking down EEOC procedures

So, you are thinking about filing an official discrimination complaint against your employer. Maybe it was because of some offensive material in the break room. Or maybe your boss fired you because of your race or religion. Regardless of how you arrived at the crossroads, this article will explain what you can expect from an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigation. Specifically, what steps you may have to take and how you may seek compensation.

Rights for workers who become pregnant

Unlike the wild business days depicted in the television show Mad Men, treating women differently is no longer permitted in the workplace. This includes reducing or firing a female employee because she becomes pregnant. Pregnancy discrimination occurs when a female employee or applicant for a job is treated unfavorably because she is pregnant or recently gave birth. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits this behavior when it comes to any aspect of employment from the interview to training, to promotions, and layoffs.

Do you have rights during the interview process?

The interview started out normally. He asked you questions about your work, experience and any hobbies. Then it changed into a scene straight out of Mad Men. He started asking about your family, which was strange but not out of the ordinary. He noticed the ring on your finger and asked about your spouse. Do you have children? When do you plan on having them? Strange questions, but you answer because you need this job.

Appeals Court rules in favor of employer in discrimination suit

Workplace discrimination is an evolving area of law, from who is protected and why, to what they are protected from. Thus, courts sometimes have trouble applying laws that may be outdated. Contrary to popular opinion, judges cannot make law, they can only interpret the law. Therefore, a court will not rule a new class of people is protected unless there is a way to interpret that the class is already protected under the language in the statute.

Age and experience are not always a plus

You were passed up again for another promotion. You came to this as a second career, but you work hard and bring in strong numbers. It is infuriating that people 15 years younger than you keep picking up those promotions, but you can't, regardless of how hard you work. Discriminating based upon age is a form of workplace discrimination. We are all familiar with the classic discriminated groups like religion, sex and ethnicity; however, just because age discrimination may seem outlandish does not mean it is any less hurtful.

Employment harassment claim filed against Missouri hotel chain

Workers in Missouri and all other states have the right to safe workplaces that are free from harassment. Unfortunately, employees often suffer harassment at the hands of supervisors and co-workers. Fortunately for those employees, help is available from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. For example, the EEOC has recently come to the aid of a group of workers who suffered employment harassment at a hotel.

High Court rules in favor of maintenance manager

You might think that age and experience would be an advantage in most jobs, but sadly this is not always the case. Throughout Missouri, more employees lose their jobs each year because their employers have decided they are simply too old. This sort of discrimination is both unfair and illegal, yet many workers do not realize that they have the right to fight back if they have been singled out for their age.

Can harassment be discriminatory?

No matter where you work, there is a chance that you may not get on well with all of your colleagues or even your employer. Of course, as long as you are hard working and diligent this should not be too much of an issue. After all, if everyone behaves professionally, you can still remain civil to each other even if you do not see eye to eye. Unfortunately, as all too many employees in Missouri discover, not everyone manages to treat people fairly, and some workers are subjected to hostile and even threatening work environments.

Opportunities limited for Kansans with disabilities

In Missouri, many employees struggle with unfair treatment for reasons beyond their control. Some are persecuted for their race or national origin, some are mistreated because of their gender or sexuality, others are singled out for their age or other reasons such as religion or even disabilities. Whatever the reason behind it, discrimination is unacceptable and should not be tolerated at work, or anywhere else.

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