Over the past few years, a number of port catheter devices have been recalled due to worries about their safety. For example, Bard is currently under scrutiny because their port-a-cath devices may break down and migrate into the rest of the body, leaving victims with serious injuries or, in the most tragic cases, resulting in the death of the consumer.

There have been over one thousand cases reported to Bard, and after too long blaming medical professionals for medical malpractice, as of March 2021, they have finally recalled two of their catheter devices.

Medical equipment should be manufactured to the highest possible standard due to its crucial use. Victims that have had defective medical equipment installed have every right to be furious and should hold the manufacturers accountable.

To do this, you should take legal action by speaking to a dedicated product liability lawyer, one who can help you recover your damages and pursue compensation for the pain, suffering, and mental distress you have been put through as a result of your injuries.

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It is essential that medical manufacturers are held liable for the preventable harm they have caused their consumers. We want to make sure that happens.

What is a Port Catheter?

A port catheter, which may also be known as an implanted port device or subcutaneous port, is a special type of catheter that has a reservoir attached. This reservoir, the port, allows for medication to be given without the need to install a catheter each day. This device can remain in place for weeks, months, or even years if necessary. They commonly give medicine, such as daily chemotherapy, to cancer patients.

The catheter part of the port catheter is a specialized silicon tube inserted under the skin that connects the port to the vein above the heart.

Who Is Responsible for Catheter Injuries in Springfield, MO?

If you, or somebody close to you, has had a port-a-cath installed and has suffered injury as a result, you should speak to an attorney immediately as you may be entitled to pursue compensation.

Once you get in touch with an attorney, they will be able to investigate whether or not the injury was caused by a product defect. The majority of cases involving port-catheter injuries are due to the manufacturer, and they will be who you pursue compensation from.

Defective port catheter devices may break easily, leading to fragments that can migrate and enter a patient’s bloodstream. This can cause serious injury, even death.

Manufacturers of medical products should ensure that their products receive extensive testing. If this testing has been carried out, and the manufacturers knew about the potential for harm, then they have acted negligently by allowing their product to be used.

Cases involving products that are defective must be brought against the manufacturer of the defective product. Raising a case against the manufacturer not only compensates the victim, it also ensures that the defect is acknowledged. This may result in a recall that prevents other victims from going through the same trauma and injury.

Common Injuries Resulting From Port Catheter Complications in Springfield, MO

There are a number of different port catheters, and each one has different risks that may be associated with their use. The most common forms of catheter injury are infection and breakages.

Catheter Breakage

When a port-a-cath is made of materials that are substandard, the parts used can break off and circulate through the blood. If these tiny pieces end up in the heart or lungs, the victim may need emergency surgery to prevent permanent damage. In some cases, these breakages can lead to the wrongful death of the patient.

Catheter Infection

Catheter infection can lead to swelling of the port site, redness, and even feelings of breathlessness. Minor cases may be treated with a course of antibiotics, but serious cases may require the removal of the port catheter.

Serious infections can lead to sepsis, which may prove fatal. Sepsis can result in blood clots and may even cause the victim’s organs to fail. These types of serious infections are often caused by the degradation of the device. When fractures occur in the device, the space is prone to bacterial infection.

Catheter Migration or Dislodgement

If a port catheter becomes dislodged entirely, it can migrate and move to other parts of the body. As long as the device remains in a single piece, it is usually easy to remove and should not be as dangerous to the victim as a fragment breaking off.

Blocked Line

Infections, swelling, and breakages can lead to the catheter aspect of the port catheter becoming blocked. This means treatment can no longer be given until the blockage is addressed.

Defective Port Catheters

If you, or somebody you love, has suffered injuries, and you have reason to believe it was due to a defective device, you need to contact an attorney immediately. Here at Holman Schiavone Law, LLC, we offer a free consultation where you can ask important questions and receive some free legal advice. We can evaluate your case and inform you if your situation qualifies you to bring a claim.

We don’t back down from a fight, no matter how large the medical manufacturer is. We know that every voice matters. Not only will your case allow you to pursue compensation for the damages you have suffered, but each successful case makes it less likely that other victims suffer in the way that you have.

Bard PowerPort and Bard MRI Implantable Port

In March 2021, Bard issued a voluntary recall of two devices, the Bard PowerPort and the Bard MRI Implantable Port. These products were designed for consumers who would benefit from easy access to the vascular system, such as cancer patients.

The recall comes after mounting pressure from victims who suffered device failure. Injuries were caused by flex fatigue, causing the device to degrade, fracture, and migrate.

Penumbra Recalls JET 7 Catheters

Towards the end of 2020, Penumbra, a huge medical device manufacturer, recalled one of their products, the Penumbra JET 7 Xtra Flex. They recalled this port catheter because there was a serious risk of injury. The device had an increased risk of distal tip damage. This could lead to serious injury or even death.

There were nearly 200 reports relating to this particular device causing serious injuries and the wrongful death of patients. The Penumbra JET 7 Xtra Flex has caused hemorrhages and blood vessel damage due to:

  • Breakage
  • Ruptures
  • Expansion
  • Exposed support coils

What Damages Can I Claim in a Port Catheter Product Liability case?

The level of compensation that may be on offer to you will depend entirely upon the damages you have suffered as a result of the product defect.

Potential damages you could claim include:

Medical Bills

Further medical treatment following a product defect is one of the main worries for victims. Serious injuries may require long-term treatment, and this can be expensive. Even those with strong levels of health insurance may not have coverage for a long period of treatment.

Your attorney will work to document your medical expenses and will consider what your long-term treatment costs might be. This will allow them to pursue the recovery of these costs from the at-fault party.

You can claim for all medical expenses, such as treatment and medication costs, transport to and from the hospital, and even for childcare that you have needed while you were in the hospital.

Your attorney may need to work with medical experts to help them to gauge the scope of your injuries. This will ensure your compensation covers your future costs so that you are not left out of pocket in the long run.

It is essential that you take every measure to properly treat your injuries, and looming medical costs should not prevent you from getting the medical attention you deserve.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages compensate victims for the pain they have been through as well as any mental distress or emotional trauma. These damages will not have a tangible cost attached, so it will be down to your attorney to judge what your pain and suffering should be worth.

Loss of Enjoyment

If your injuries mean you can no longer enjoy your life in the same capacity, such as the inability to ride a bike or sports with friends, you deserve to be compensated for this loss.

Lost Wages

Most serious injuries caused by a port catheter defect are going to require long periods of time off work for treatment and recovery. For many victims, this results in a loss of wages and income. You should not be left out of pocket financially because of a defective medical product.

Your attorney will calculate what your lost wages are worth. They will look at how much you have lost so far, and they will calculate how much any time off in the future might cost you.

If your injuries are so severe that you will never return to work in the same capacity as you did before, they may look to experts to help them calculate what a lifetime of lost earning potential looks like in terms of compensation.

Wrongful Death

The most tragic outcome of a port catheter defect injury is the wrongful death of the victim. These cases are particularly tragic and complex and will require a skilled attorney.

No amount of compensation will ever bring your loved one back, but with an attorney, you can pursue enough that you are financially secure during this difficult time.

Do I Need a Springfield, MO Port Catheter Injury Lawyer to Secure Compensation?

You have the right to seek compensation without the assistance of an attorney, but we highly recommend against it. The level of success victims see in cases like this always relies upon the strength of the case and the evidence used to build that case. Your legal representation will help you to build the strongest possible case and will assist you in collating all of the necessary evidence to do so.

You will also be up against an aggressive legal team when fighting against a huge medical manufacturing company. They employ the strongest possible legal representation to protect them from claims like yours, and without an attorney who is skilled in dealing with legal teams like this, your chances are reduced.

It is worth remembering that even with the legal fees deducted, most individuals who seek compensation with a reputable attorney walk away with more overall.

Your attorney will collect evidence, file paperwork, work out how much you’re owed, liaise with the other attorneys involved in your case, and will fight for you at trial if necessary.

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