Notice - Implantable Port Catheter Litigation, MDL No. 3081

The above multi-district litigation consolidates lawsuits that have been filed throughout the country and allege similar claims. The Implantable Port Catheter Litigation has been consolidated in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. The ultimate issues and outcomes of the litigation will be determined by the judge and/or juries with each party having the opportunity to present legal arguments and evidence in support or in defense of the claims.

For clarification, Power Port, Slim Port, and MRI Implantable Port each refer to several vascular access devices, and not one specific device. Any recall in March of 2021 involving the Power Port Duo MRI Implantable Port was a voluntary recall by the company. The recall pertained to a limited number of lots of the PowerPoint Duo MRI Implantable Port and was not a result of catheter degradation, fracture migration, or infection issues.

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