At Holman Schiavone, LLC, we are committed to helping victims of sexual abuse and assault. Our personal injury attorneys can help if you or a loved one has been sexually abused or assaulted by an individual or a member of an institution.

We are mindful that the emotional impact of sexual abuse and assault is devastating and can have a lasting effect on the lives of victims. All too often, incidents of sexual abuse and assault go unreported because of the shame, intimidation and feeling of hopelessness that is commonly experienced by victims.

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We encourage you to contact our law firm today to discuss your legal options and potential remedies. We offer a free and confidential consultation to discuss your legal needs and help you determine your best course of action. Our attorneys take time to listen to and understand your full experience. We carefully determine and pursue a legal strategy that is personalized to you while helping you make informed decisions throughout the legal process.

If you have been sexual abused or sexually assaulted by an individual or a member of an institution (e.g. a school or church), you have a right to obtain compensation for:

  • Emotional pain and suffering you have sustained
  • Any costs of necessary counseling and treatment
  • Any necessary medical care costs
  • Other financial and emotional damages you have sustained

Taking Action Against Child Sexual Abuse in Kansas City

Sexual abuse of children happens all too often. The children who are victims are abused by those within their group of trusted adults or by those into whose care they have been placed. Whether the perpetrator is a member of the clergy, school or family, certain legal recourse may be available.

While no one can undo the damage caused by such acts, civil remedies are frequently available. Both the perpetrator, as well as the entity which employed or supervised the perpetrator, can be named as a defendant in a legal action.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual abuse and would like to inquire about your legal rights, please give us a call.

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