Did Your Kansas or Missouri Employer Discriminate by Color? Our Lawyers Can Help.

Are you being treated differently at work due to your race, color or ethnicity? While most people would like to believe we live in a world that is free from discrimination, the truth is that in many workplaces and many other venues, discrimination and prejudices are very real.

At Holman Schiavone, LLC, we provide relentless advocacy to employees who have been subjected to many types of discrimination or harassment in the workplaces throughout Missouri and Kansas.

Representing Kansas City Area Employees in Racial Discrimination Disputes

Race discrimination means any treatment that is different in the employment relationship because of the employee’s race, color or ethnic origin. If you are fired, denied proper pay or benefits, or suffer other mistreatment at work based on these factors, you should speak to an attorney about pursuing a legal solution.

Examples of racial discrimination may include:

  • Equally qualified employees of a different race are paid higher wages.
  • Equally qualified employees of a different color are given better opportunities to succeed through better hours or more lucrative sales regions.
  • A less qualified employee of a different ethnic background receives a promotion to which you believed you were entitled.
  • You were laid off from your job while equally or less-qualified employees of a different color kept their jobs.

In many instances, if you have suffered from any of these forms of racial discrimination at work, you may also have endured racial harassment that has gone uncorrected. It is important to understand that you have rights.

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Our Attorneys Hold Employers Accountable for Race Discrimination

State and federal laws exist to protect the victims of racial discrimination. It may be necessary to go to court, or make your case to an administrative agency to get the relief laid out under the law. An experienced racial discrimination lawyer can help you resolve your issue.

We are experienced with determining which course of action can best remedy the damage you suffered from racism. Our attorneys can also help you make sure that you have tried everything short of a lawsuit to address your complaint.

Should a lawsuit be necessary to vindicate your rights, our litigation team is exclusively dedicated to representing employees in legal actions against both large and small employers. We have never represented an employer or an insurer, and we never will.

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